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RAF Units in North-West Africa - January 1943

Unit Location/Address Notes
HQ RAF Algiers  
No 60 Embarkation Unit Algiers  
Transit Camp Algiers  
No 6002 AMES Algiers  
Public Relations Unit Algiers  
Base Personnel Office Algiers  
Base Accounts Office Algiers  
No 2 Force HQ's Signals Section Ain Seynour  
RAF Command Post Ain Seynour  
No 328 Wing Blida  
No 500 Sqn Blida Hudson
No 600 Sqn Blida Beaufighter
No 1 Force HQ's Signals Section Blida  
No 107 Repair and Salvage Unit Blida  
No 134 Air Stores Park Blida  
No 322 Wing Bone  
No 81 Sqn Bone Spitfire
No 242 Sqn Bone Spitfire
No 253 Sqn Bone Hurricane
No 225 Sqn (half squadron) Bone Hurricane
No 59 Embarkation - Detachment Bone  
No 4089 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Bone  
No 2788 Sqn, RAF Regiment Bone  
No 894 AMES Bone  
No 895 AMES Bone  
No 6006 AMES Bougie  
No 18 Sqn Canrobert Blenheim V
No 111 Repair and Salvage Unit Constantine  
No 2744 Sqn, RAF Regiment Constantine  
No 6000 AMES Cap Corbelin  
No 154 Sqn Djidjelli Spitfire
No 2771 Sqn, RAF Regiment Djidjelli  
No 2 ALG Signals Section - Detachment Djidjelli  
No 108 Repair and Salvage Unit Duvivier  
No 133 Air Stores Park Duvivier  
No 380 Wireless Unit El Achoir  
No 223 ASR Unit Hussein Dey  
No 224 ASR Unit Hussein Dey  
No 225 ASR Unit Hussein Dey  
No 135 Air Stores Park Hussein Dey  
No 110 Repair and Salvage Unit Hussein Dey  
No 303 Mobile SS Unit Hussein Dey  
No 242 Group Signals Section Hussein Dey  
Base Area HQ Hussein Dey  
No 4091 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Hussein Dey  
No 6005 AMES Hussein Dey  
No 323 Wing Maison Blanche  
No 325 Wing Maison Blanche  
No 43 Sqn Maison Blanche Hurricane
No 255 Sqn Maison Blanche Beaufighter
No 289 Sqn - Detachment Maison Blanche Beaufighter
No 131 Air Stores Park Maison Blanche  
No 87 Wireless Unit Maison Blanche  
No 301 Mobile SS Unit Maison Blanche  
No 6001 AMES Maison Blanche  
No 2721 Sqn, RAF Regiment Maison Blanche  
No 4092 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Maison Blanche  
No 892 AMES Maison Blanche  
No 241 Sqn Maison Carree Hurricane Bombers
No 225 Sqn (half squadron) Maison Carree Hurricane
No 4 PRU Maison Carree PR Spitfire
No 106 Repair and Salvage Unit Maison Carree  
No 324 Wing Souk el Arba  
No 72 Sqn Souk el Arba Spitfire
No 93 Sqn Souk el Arba Spitfire
No 111 Sqn Souk el Arba Spitfire
No 152 Sqn Souk el Arba Spitfire
No 4088 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Souk el Arba  
No 3201 Servicing Commando Souk el Arba  
No 1 ALG Signals Section Souk el Arba  
No 2825 Sqn, RAF Regiment Souk el Arba  
No 88 Wireless Unit Souk el Arba  
No 326 Wing Setif  
No 13 Sqn Setif Blenheim V
No 114 Sqn Setif Blenheim V
No 614 Sqn Setif Blenheim V
No 4090 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Setif  
No 109 Repair and Salvage Unit Setif  
No 132 Air Stores Park Setif  
No 893 AMES Sourcouf  

Source - January 1943 SD161

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