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Middle East Command - July 1942

Command HQ - Cairo

Directly Administered by Command HQ

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 216 Group RAF Heliopolis  
No 249 Wing RAF Helwan  
RAF Station Khartoum    
RAF Station Suez Road    
No 92 Sqn    
No 117 Sqn    

No 201 Group

HQ - Alexandria

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 235 Wing Sidi Baranir  
No 247 Wing Gianaclis  
No 248 Wing Alexandria  
RAF Station Edcu    
No 39 Sqn    
No 46 Sqn    
No 203 Sqn    
No 221 Sqn    
No 227 Sqn    
No 230 Sqn    
No 252 Sqn    
No 272 Sqn    
No 459 Sqn RAAF    
Sea Rescue Flt Fuka  
No 32 Air Stores Park Fuka  
No 54 Repair and Salvage Unit Amriya  
No 59 Repair and Salvage Unit Sidi Heneish  
Marine Section Alexandria  
Marine Section Port Said  
Marine Craft Rescue Section Port Said  
No 4 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Abu Amud  
No 1 & 2 Mobile Torpedo Units RAF Helwan  

No 203 Group

HQ - Khartoum

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Asmara    
RAF Station Khartoum    
RAF Station Wadi Saidna    
No 1412 (Meteorological) Flt RAF Khartoum  
No 104 Maintenance Unit Geraif West  
No 109 Maintenance Unit Summit  
No 114 Maintenance Unit RAF Wadi Saidna  
No 117 Maintenance Unit Port Sudan  
No 52 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Khartoum  
Section HQ, PAC Unit RAF Aboukir  
Detachment, PAC Unit Burgh el Arab  
No 71 Operational Training Unit Carthago  

No 205 Group

HQ - RAF Ismailia

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 231 Wing Quotafiya  
No 236 Wing El Daba  
No 238 Wing Shallufa  
No 242 Wing Fayid  
No 245 Wing Shallufa  
No 37 Sqn    
No 38 Sqn    
No 40 Sqn    
No 70 Sqn    
No 104 Sqn    
No 108 Sqn    
No 148 Sqn    
No 36 Air Stores Park Kabrit  
No 37 Air Stores Park Shallufa  
No 57 Repair and Salvage Unit Shallufa  
No 2 (Middle East) Training School Kabrit  
No 4 (Middle East) Training School Kabrit  
No 5 (Middle East) Training School Shallufa  
No 2 Flying Control Station Kabrit  

No 206 Group

HQ - RAF Heliopolis

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 47 Sqn    
No 101 Maintenance Unit    
No 103 Maintenance Unit    
No 106 Maintenance Unit    
No 107 Maintenance Unit    
No 108 Maintenance Unit    
No 111 Maintenance Unit    
No 103 Maintenance Unit    
No 24 Transit Camp RAF Aboukir  
Air Publications and Forms Store Cairo  
Aircraft Reception Party RAF Heliopolis  
Aircraft Replacement Pool Wadi Natrun  
Engine Test Section RAF Helwan  
Master Provision Office Khanka  
MT Base Pool RAF Helwan  
No 9 S & T Column RAF Heliopolis  

No 207 Group

HQ - Nairobi

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 246 Wing Mombassa  
RAF Station Dar-es-Salaam    
RAF Station Eastleigh    
RAF Station Mombassa    
RAF Station Port Reitz    
Nairobi Communication Flt Nairobi  
Station Maintenance Flt Alomata  
No 1414 (Meteorological) Flt Nairobi  
No 1432 (Barrage Balloon) Flt Madagascar  
No 105 Maintenance Unit Thika  
No 133 Maintenance Unit Eastleigh  
Marine Craft Unit Mombassa  
Marine Craft Unit Dar-es-Salaam  
Marine Craft Section Lindi  
No 70 Operational Training Unit Nakuru  
No 72 Operational Training Unit Nanyuki  
Pilot and Aircrew Pool Gilgil  


Air Headquarters, Western Desert

HQ - Maaten Bagush

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 211 Group Gambut  
No 233 Wing Maaten Bagush  
No 239 Wing Sidi Heneish  
No 243 Wing Sidi Heneish  
No 3 Sqn RAAF    
No 14 Sqn    
No 33 Sqn    
No 73 Sqn    
No 80 Sqn    
No 112 Sqn    
No 145 Sqn    
No 223 Sqn    
No 250 Sqn    
No 260 Sqn    
No 274 Sqn    
No 450 Sqn RAAF    
No 121 Maintenance Unit Bardia  
No 33 Air Stores Park Gerawla  
No 40 Air Stores Park Sidi Heneish  
No 51 Repair and Salvage Unit Qasaba  
No 53 Repair and Salvage Unit Gerawla  
No 21 Medical Receiving Station El Daba  
No 22 Medical Receiving Station Gambut  
No 1 Australian Air Ambulance Unit Gerawla  
Detachment, PAC Unit Bardia  
No 1 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Maaten Bagush  
No 3 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Sidi Barrani  
No 25 Transit Camp Maaten Bagush  
No 1 Armoured Car Company Gambut  
No 2 Armoured Car Company Gambut  
MT Light Repair Unit Qasaba  
No 1 Flying Control Station Maaten Bagush  
No 5 S & T Column Abu Haggag  
No 6 S & T Column Bardia  

No 211 Group

HQ -


Air Headquarters, Egypt

HQ - Cairo

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 212 Group Cairo  
No 234 Wing Maaten Bagush  
No 240 Wing Cairo  
No 241 Wing Aleppo  
No 244 Wing Bilbeis  
No 250 Wing Ismailia  
No 252 Wing Seagull Camp, Mex  
No 260 Wing Ismailia  
RAF Station Aboukir    
RAF Station Abu Sueir    
RAF Station Amiriya    
RAF Station Heliopolis    
RAF Station Helwan    
RAF Station Ismailia    
RAF Station Luxor    
RAF Station Mersa Matruh    
RAF Station Shandur    
No 6 Sqn    
No 55 Sqn    
No 89 Sqn    
No 94 Sqn    
No 147 Sqn    
No 162 Sqn    
No 173 Sqn    
No 208 Sqn    
No 213 Sqn    
No 216 Sqn    
No 238 Sqn    
No 267 Sqn    
No 971 Sqn    
No 974 Sqn    
No 975 Sqn    
No 976 Sqn    
No 977 Sqn    
No 1411 (Meteorological) Flt RAF Heliopolis  
No 12 Sector Operations Room Port Said  
No 13 Sector Operations Room Smouha  
No 15 Sector Operations Room Hurghada  
No 16 Sector Operations Room Abu Zenima  
No 21 Sector Operations Room Fayid  
No 22 Sector Operations Room RAF Heliopolis  
No 1 General Reconnaissance Unit RAF Ismailia  
No 2 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit RAF Heliopolis  
No 124 Maintenance Unit Fuka  
No 136 Maintenance Unit Burgh el Arab  
No 38 Air Stores Park RAF Abu Sueir  
No 58 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Abu Sueir  
No 61 Repair and Salvage Unit Quotafiya  
Component Repair Depot RAF Helwan  
No 24 Medical Receiving Station RAF Helwan  
RAF General Hospital Abbassia  
Command Medical Board RAF Heliopolis  
No 2 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Maaten Bagush  
Code and Cypher School RAF Heliopolis  
Middle East Signals School RAF Helwan  
RAF School of Cookery Kasfareet  
No 1 Technical School RAF Ismailia  
School of Hygiene Almaza  
No 1 (Middle East) Training School Ballah  
No 21 Transit Camp Kasfareet  
No 22 Transit Camp Almaza  
No 23 Transit Camp RAF Helwan  
Aircraft Delivery Unit Cairo  
No 4 Air Formation Postal Unit Cairo  
No 1 (Middle East) Aircraft Repair Unit RAF Helwan  
No 2 (Middle East) Aircraft Repair Unit RAF Helwan  
No 3 (Middle East) Aircraft Repair Unit RAF Ismailia  
No 4 (Middle East) Aircraft Repair Unit Burgh el Arab  
Base Salvage Section RAF Helwan  
British Airways Repair Unit RAF Heliopolis  
Film Production Unit Cairo  
Inter Service Cypher Production Centre Tura  
Middle East Pool Kasfareet  
Middle East Interpretation Unit RAF Heliopolis  
RAF Camouflage Section RAF Aboukir  
No 10 S & T Column RAF Helwan  


Air Headquarters, Levant

HQ - Jerusalem

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 213 Group Aleppo  
No 232 Wing Lydda  
No 259 Wing Nicosia  
RAF Station Aqir    
RAF Station Gaza    
RAF Station Haifa    
RAF Station Lydda    
RAF Station Ramleh    
No 127 Sqn    
No 451 Sqn RAAF    
No 972 Sqn    
No 1413 (Meteorological) Flt Ramleh  
Communication Flt Lydda  
No 23 Sector Operations Room Beirut  
No 24 Sector Operations Room Haifa  
No 25 Sector Operations Room Nicosia  
No 123 Maintenance Unit Beit Mery  
No 34 Air Stores Park Ramat David  
Air Stores Park Limassol  
No 55 Repair and Salvage Unit Ramat David  
Repair and Salvage Unit Nicosia  
No 2 (Middle East) Advanced Aircraft Depot Beersheba  
Detachment, PAC Unit St Jean  
Detachment, PAC Unit Aqir  
Detachment, PAC Unit Nicosia  
Detachment, PAC Unit Beirut  
No 6 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Nicosia  
No 7 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Nicosia  
No 8 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Tel Aviv  
No 9 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Tel Aviv  
No 3 (Middle East) Training School Amman  
Air Raid Report Centre Tel Aviv  
Aircraft Reception Party Amman  
MT Repair Section Ramleh  
No 74 Operational Training Unit Aqir  
RAF Rest Camp Tel Aviv  


Air Headquarters, Iraq

HQ - RAF Habbaniya

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 214 Group Kirkuk  
No 215 Group Basrah  
No 237 Wing Mosul  
RAF Station Basrah    
RAF Station Habbaniya    
RAF Station Shaibah    
No 52 Sqn    
No 237 Sqn    
No 244 Sqn    
Communication Flt RAF Habbaniya  
No 1 Sector Operations Room RAF Habbaniya  
No 3 Sector Operations Room Kirkuk  
No 4 Sector Operations Room Mosul  
No 19 Sector Operations Room Abadan  
No 110 Maintenance Unit Sadaira  
No 115 Maintenance Unit RAF Shaibah  
No 118 Maintenance Unit RAF Basrah  
No 119 Maintenance Unit RAF Shaibah  
No 120 Maintenance Unit Sulaman Beg  
No 125 Maintenance Unit Ahway
No 126 Maintenance Unit Azzubair  
No 127 Maintenance Unit Azzubair  
No 134 Maintenance Unit RAF Habbaniya  
No 137 Maintenance Unit Ishkandaria  
No 35 Air Stores Park RAF Habbaniya  
Supplies Depot RAF Habbaniya  
Marine Section Basrah  
RAF General Hospital RAF Habbaniya  
Detachment, PAC Unit Mosul  
No 26 Transit Camp RAF Habbaniya  
Combined Intelligence Centre Baghdad  
Iraq Levies HQ RAF Habbaniya  
No 8 S & T Column RAF Shaibah  


Air Headquarters, Malta

HQ - Valetta

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Hal Far    
RAF Station Kalafrana    
RAF Station Luqa    
RAF Station Takali    
No 69 Sqn    
No 126 Sqn    
No 185 Sqn    
No 229 Sqn    
No 249 Sqn    
No 601 Sqn    
No 603 Sqn    
Station Flt RAF Hal Far  
No 1435 (Night Fighter) Flt Takali  

HQ British Forces, Aden

HQ -Steamer Point

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Khormaksar    
RAF Station Sheikh O'thman    
No 8 Sqn    
Station Flt RAF Khormaksar  
No 1436 (Barrage Balloon) Flt Steamer Point  
No 131 Maintenance Unit RAF Khormaksar  
Marine Section Hedjuff  
RAF Hospital Steamer Point  
Casualty Clearing Station RAF Sheikh O'thman  
Aden Levies HQ RAF Sheikh O'thman  
Armoured Car Section Steamer Point  
Equipment Supply Section Steamer Point  
No 73 Operational Training Unit RAF Sheikh O'thman  

Source - July 1942 Confidential Air Force List

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