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Air Forces in India - July 1942

Directly Administered by Command HQ

HQ - Delhi

Unit Location Notes
No 221 Group    
No 222 Group    
No 223 Group    
No 225 Group    
No 274 Wing    
Coast Defence Wing    
RAF Station Asansol    
RAF Station Chakulia    
RAF Station China Bay    
RAF Station Din Jan    
RAF Station Dum Dum    
RAF Station Kogalla    
RAF Station Kohat    
RAF Station Lahore    
RAF Station Ondal    
RAF Station Peshawar    
RAF Station Ratmalana    
RAF Station Risalpur    
No 5 Sqn    
No 11 Sqn    
No 17 Sqn    
No 20 Sqn    
No 22 Sqn    
No 28 Sqn    
No 30 Sqn    
No 31 Sqn    
No 34 Sqn    
No 45 Sqn    
No 60 Sqn    
No 62 Sqn    
No 67 Sqn    
No 84 Sqn    
No 113 Sqn    
No 135 Sqn    
No 136 Sqn    
No 146 Sqn    
No 155 Sqn    
No 205 Sqn    
No 211 Sqn    
No 215 Sqn    
No 240 Sqn    
No 261 Sqn    
No 273 Sqn    
No 413 Sqn RCAF    
No 978 Sqn    
No 979 Sqn    
No 990 Sqn    
No 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flt Karachi  
No 2 AAC Flt Juhu  
No 3 AAC Flt Calcutta  
Communication Flt Calcutta  
Station Flt RAF China Bay  
No 3 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit Pandaveswar  
No 154 Maintenance Unit Mingaladon  
No 301 Maintenance Unit Karachi  
No 302 Maintenance Unit Allahabad  
No 303 Maintenance Unit Ambala  
No 304 Maintenance Unit Kanchrapara  
No 305 Maintenance Unit Rawlpindi  
No 307 Maintenance Unit Lahore  
No 308 Maintenance Unit Allahabad  
No 309 Maintenance Unit Trichinopoly  
No 317 Maintenance Unit Jodhpur  
No 321 Maintenance Unit Trichinopoly  
No 39 Air Stores Park Kanchrapara  
No 75 Air Stores Park Asansol  
No 86 Air Stores Park Trichinopoly  
No 89 Air Stores Park Colombo  
No 60 Repair and Salvage Unit Kanchrapara  
No 62 Repair and Salvage Unit Colombo  
No 101 Repair and Salvage Unit Asansol  
No 121 Repair and Salvage Unit Trichinopoly  
No 122 Repair and Salvage Unit Asansol  
No 123 Repair and Salvage Unit Lahore  
No 1 Hill Depot Lower Topa  
No 2 Hill Depot Solan  
No 3 Hill Depot Shillong  
No 4 Hill Depot Chakrata  
No 5 Hill Depot Kailana  
Marine Craft Section China Bay  
No 1 Flying Training School Ambala  
No 1 Elementary Flying Training School Begumpet  
No 2 Elementary Flying Training School Jodhpur  
No 1 School of Technical Training Ambala  
No 2 School of Technical Training Karachi  
No 1 Initial Training School (Officer) Lahore  
Air Landing School Delhi  
School of Administration Chakrata  
Transit Camp Calcutta  
Transit Camp Dehra Deen  
Air Support Control Centre Poona  
Air Reinforcement Centre Karachi  
Air Reinforcement Centre Bangalore  
Care and Maintenance Miranshah  
Central Accounts Office Ambala  
Operational Training Unit Risalpur  

Source - July 1942 Confidential Air Force List

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