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Other Home Commands/Units - July 1942

[Ferry Command | No 44 Group | RAF in Northern Ireland | ROC]

RAF Ferry Command

Command HQ - Montreal Airport, Dorval, Quebec, Canada

No 44 (Ferry) Group

HQ - Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Unit Location/Address Notes
Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
HQ Flt Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
2 Mobile Despatch Parties Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
RAF Station Filton Filton, nr Bristol, Gloucestershire  
Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Filton  
No 3 Flt RAF Filton Blenheim
No 4 Flt RAF Filton Beaufighter and Beaufort
RAF Station Hendon Hendon, The Hyde, London NW9  
No 24 Sqn RAF Hendon  
No 1 Camouflage Unit RAF Hendon  
Repair and Equipment Depot RAF Hendon  
RAF Station Kemble Kemble, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Kemble  
HQ Flt RAF Kemble  
No 1 Flt RAF Kemble Wellington
No 2 Flt RAF Kemble Hudson and Miscellaneous types
No 1 Overseas Air Despatch Unit (detachment) RAF Portreath Station in Fighter Command
RAF Station Prestwick Prestwick Aerodrome, Ayr, Ayrshire  
Transatlantic Aircraft Reception and Despatch Party RAF Prestwick  
Transatlantic Aircraft Control RAF Prestwick Wireless Control
No 1527 (BAT) Flt RAF Prestwick
No 2 Overseas Air Despatch Unit Trebulzue, nr Newquay, Cornwall  
RAF Station Lyneham Lyneham, Chippenham, Wiltshire
HQ Flt RAF Lyneham  
No 1 Flt RAF Lyneham Training on all miscellaneous types
No 2 Flt RAF Lyneham Middle East Ferry pilot training
No 1425 Communications Flt RAF Lyneham  
No 1445 Flt RAF Lyneham  
Air Despatch and Reception Unit RAF Lyneham  

RAF in Northern Ireland

Command HQ - RAFNI, Home Forces

Units directly administered by Command HQ

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Belfast    
No 1494 (Target Towing) Flt Belfast  
No 2 Heavy Mobile W/T Section Belfast  
RAF Station Long Kesh    
No 231 Sqn RAF Long Kesh  
No 1 Repair and Salvage Centre Mallusk  
No 12 Wireless Intelligence Screen Mallusk  

Royal Observer Corps

Area Location/Address Commandants/Deputy Commandants
HQ Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex Gp Capt G H Ambler

A/Cdre H Le M Brock

Northern RAF Catterick, Richmond, North Yorkshire A/Cdre A L Godman (Cmdt)

Wg Cdr P B Hunter (Dep Cmdt)

Capt R S Stancliffe (Dep Cmdt)

North-Western Michael Mount, Barton, nr Preston, Lancashire Col V O Robinson (Cmdt)

Gp Capt A W F Glenny (Dep Cmdt)

Midland Mostyn Lodge, Welby Place, Grantham, Lincs Gp Capt V O Rees (Cmdt)

C Graham-Smith  (Dep Cmdt)

Capt J W Sanders (Dep Cmdt)

Southern Hillingdon House, Uxbridge, Middlesex Gp Capt I T Courtney (Cmdt)

A/Cdre C E H Rathborne (Dep Cmdt)

Gp Capt H L Reilly (Dep Cmdt)

Western 11 Brunswick Road, Gloucester A/Cdre E A D Masterman (Cmdt)

H S Noyes (Dep Cmdt)

Col A B Skinner (Dep Cmdt)

Scottish 28 Walker Street, Edinburgh 2 A/Cdre  R P Ross (Cmdt)

A/Cdre R Gordon (Dep Cmdt)

Maj W G Moore (Dep Cmdt)

Source - July 1942 Confidential Air Force List

[Ferry Command | No 44 Group | RAF in Northern Ireland | ROC]

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