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India and Far East - December 1941

[India Command | Far East Command]

India Command

Location Unit Notes
Ambala Station HQ  
  No 1 School of Technical Training  
  Central Wireless Station  
  No 1 Service Flying Training School  
Bombay Coast Defence Wing  
  Embarkation Office  
  No 2 Flight, Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve Wapiti
Calcutta No 3 Flight, Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve Wapiti
Delhi Communication Flight Envoy
  Air Landing School  
  Air HQ, India  
Drigh Road (Karachi) No 2 School of Technical Training  
  No 4 Flight, Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve Wapiti
  No 5 Flight, Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve Wapiti
  Aircraft Depot  
  Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight  
Fort Sandeman Care and Maintenance  
Jodhpur No 2 Elementary Flying Training School  
Kohat Station HQ  
  No 28 Sqn Audax
  No 2 Sqn Indian Air Force  
Lahore Station HQ  
  Initial Training School (Officer)  
  No 31 Sqn Valentia/DC2
  Records Office  
Lower Topa No 1 Hill Station  
  No 2 (Indian) Group  
Madras No 1 Flight, Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve Wapiti
Miranshah Care and Mantenance  
Peshawar Station HQ  
  No 1 (Indian) Group  
  No 1 Sqn Indian Air Force Wapiti
  No 3 Sqn Indian Air Force  
Risalpur Station HQ  
  No 5 Sqn Mohawk
Secunderabad No 20 Sqn (1 Flight) Audax
  No 1 Elementary Flying Training School  
Solan No 2 Hill Station  


The following are included in the Command's establishment: -
Air HQ, India Establishment, India No 1
RAF Hill Depot Establishment, India No 11
Chowkidars, Khassadars and Levy Sowars for the Air Firing and Bombing Ranges to India Establishment, India No 12
No 1 Sqn IAF Establishment, India No 13
Indian Air Force Reserve Pool Establishment, India No 14
British Instructional Staff for the Indian Air Force Apprentices Establishment, India No 15

Far East Command

Location Unit Notes
Alor Star No 62 Sqn Blenheim I
Bukit Timah Air HQ, Far East  
Batak Quarry Air Ammunition Park  
Bukit Panjang No 152 Maintenance Unit  
Buterworth Care and Maintenance  
Bukit Chunang No 511 AMES  
Kallang Station HQ  
  Communication Flight Moth, Walrus
  No 243 Sqn Buffalo
  No 488 Sqn RNZAF Buffalo
  No 27 Sqn Blenheim I
Kota Bahru Station HQ  
  No 8 Sqn RAAF Hudson
Kuantan Station HQ  
  Armament Training School  
Kluang Station HQ  
Kuala Lumper No 153 Maintenance Unit  
  No 223 Group  
Mersing No 243 AMES  
Seletar Station HQ  
  Inter-Command W/T Station  
  No 100 Sqn Vildebeest
  No 36 Sqn Vildebeest
  No 205 Sqn Catalina
  No 151 Maintenance Unit  
  RI and MU  
  Air Ammunition Park  
  Radio Calibration Flight  
  No 52 Wireless Intelligence Unit  
  No 1 NZ Aerodrome Construction Company  
  No 81 Repair and Salvage Unit  
Sembawang Station HQ - RAAF  
  No 1 Sqn RAAF Hudson
  No 21 Sqn RAAF Wirraway/Buffalo
  No 453 Sqn RAAF Buffalo
Singapore HQ, C-in-C Far East  
Sungei Patani Station HQ  
Tengah Station HQ  
  No 4 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit Shark/Swordfish/Queen Bee/Blenheim
  No 34 Sqn Blenheim IV
Tanyong Kupang No 512 AMES  
Taman Tulong No 518 AMES  
Tanak Merah Bosar No 250 AMES  
Colombo No 222 Group  
China Bay Station HQ  
  Station Flt Seal - 2 IE spotting duties
  No 273 Sqn Vildebeest - 4 IE
Kogalla Station HQ  
  No 205 Sqn detachment Catalina
Hong Kong    
Kai Tak Station HQ  
  Station Flt Vildebeest/Tutor/Walrus
Heho Care and Maintenance  
Mingaladon Station HQ  
  No 60 Sqn Blenheim I
  No 67 Sqn Buffalo
Miktila No 154 Maintenance Unit  
Mergui Care and Maintenance  
Moulmein No 517 AMES  
Rangoon No 221 Group  
  No 41 Embarkation Office  
Tavoy Care and Maintenance  
Toungoo Care and Maintenance  
New Units    


Nos 82 & 83 Repair and Salvage Units  
Trincomalee No 45 Embarkation Unit  
Burma Equipment Holding Unit  

Source - December 1941 SD161

[India Command | Far East Command]

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