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Fighter Command - December 1941

[No 9 Group | No 10 Group | No 11 Group | No 12 Group | No 13 Group | No 14 Group | No 60 Group | No 81 Group | No 82 Group]

Command HQ - Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex

No 9 (Fighter) Group

HQ - Barton Hall, Preston, Lancashire

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Andreas Andreas, Isle of Man  
No 457 Sqn RAAF RAF Andreas Spitfire
RAF Station Atcham Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire  
No 131 Sqn RAF Atcham Spitfire
RAF Station High Ercall High Ercall, Wellington, Shropshire  
No 68 Sqn RAF High Ercall Beaufighters
RAF Station Honiley Honiley, nr Kenilworth, Warwickshire  
No 605 Sqn RAF Honiley Hurricane
No 135 Sqn RAF Honiley Hurricane
No 1456 Flight RAF Honiley Havoc
RAF Station Llanbedr Llanbedr, Harlech, Merionth
RAF Station Speke Speke Aerodrome, Liverpool 10, Lancashire  
Merchant Ship Fighter Unit RAF Speke Hurricane
RAF Station Squires Gate Squires Gate, Blackpool, Lancashire Station in Coastal Command
No 256 Sqn RAF Squires Gate Defiant
RAF Station Valley Valley, Holyhead, Anglesey, North Wales  
No 242 Sqn RAF Valley Hurricane
No 350 (Belgium) Sqn RAF Valley Hurricane
No 456 Sqn RAAF RAF Valley Defiants
No 275 Sqn RAF Valley Lysander/Walrus
No 1486 Target Towing Flight RAF Valley Lysander
RAF Station Wrexham Wrexham, Denbighshire, South Wales
No 285 Sqn RAF Wrexham Hudson/Lysander
No 96 Sqn RAF Wrexham Defiant

No 10 (Fighter) Group

HQ - Rudloe Manor, Box, Chippenham, Wiltshire

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Angle Angle, Pembrokeshire  
No 615 Sqn RAF Angle Hurricane
RAF Station Charmy Down Charmy Down, Bath, Somerset  
No 137 Sqn RAF Charmy Down Whirlwind
No 263 Sqn RAF Charmy Down Whirlwind
No 417 Sqn RCAF RAF Charmy Down Spitfire
RAF Station Chilbolton Chilbolton, Andover, Hampshire  
No 245 Sqn RAF Chilbolton Hurricane
RAF Station Church Stanton Churchstanton, Taunton, Somerset  
No 316 (Polish) Sqn RAF Church Stanton Spitfire
RAF Station Colerne Colerne, Bath, Wiltshire  
No 87 Sqn RAF Colerne Hurricane
No 1454 Flight RAF Colerne Havoc
RAF Station Exeter Exeter Air Port, Honiton Clyst, Devon  
No 307 (Polish) Sqn RAF Exeter Beaufighter
No 317 (Polish) Sqn RAF Exeter Spitfire
RAF Station Fairwood Common nr Swansea, Glamorganshire  
No 79 Sqn RAF Fairwood Common Hurricane
No 125 Sqn RAF Fairwood Common Defiant
RAF Station Filton Filton, Bristol, Gloucestershire  
No 286 Sqn RAF Filton Hudson,/Lysander/Hurricane
RAF Station Harrowbeer Harrowbeer, Yelverton, Devon  
No 302 (Polish) Sqn RAF Harrowbeer Spitfire
No 276 Sqn RAF Harrowbeer Lysander/Walrus
RAF Station Hurn Hurn, Christchurch, Hampshire  
Telecommunications Flying Unit RAF Hurn
RAF Station Ibsley Ibsley, Ringwood, Hampshire  
No 118 Sqn RAF Ibsley Spitfire
No 501 Sqn RAF Ibsley Spitfire
No 234 Sqn RAF Ibsley Spitfire
RAF Station Middle Wallop Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire  
No 604 Sqn RAF Middle Wallop Beaufighter
No 1458 Flight RAF Middle Wallop Havoc
RAF Station Perranporth Perranporth, Cornwall
No 66 Sqn RAF Perranporth Spitfire
No 130 Sqn RAF Perranporth Spitfire
RAF Station Portreath Nancekuke, Redruth, Cornwall
No 313 (Czech) Sqn RAF Portreath Spitfire
RAF Station Predannack Predannack, nr Mullion, Cornwall
No 247 Sqn RAF Predannack Hurricane
No 600 Sqn RAF Predannack Beaufighter
No 1457 Flight RAF Predannack Havoc
RAF Station Warmwell Warmwell, Dorchester, Dorset  
No 402 Sqn RCAF RAF Warmwell Hurricane
No 1487 Target Towing Flight RAF Warmwell Lysander

No 11 (Fighter) Group

HQ - Uxbridge, Middlesex

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Biggin Hill Biggin Hill, Westerham, Kent  
No 401 Sqn RCAF RAF Biggin Hill Spitfire
No 124 Sqn RAF Biggin Hill Spitfire
RAF Station Castle Camps Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire
RAF Station Croydon Croydon, Surrey
No 287 Sqn RAF Croydon Hudson/Lysander
RAF Station Debden Saffron Walden, Essex  
No 111 Sqn RAF Debden Spitfire
No 129 Sqn RAF Debden Spitfire
No 258 Sqn RAF Debden Hurricane
RAF Station Ford Ford, Arundel, Sussex  
No 23 Sqn RAF Ford Havoc I
Fighter Interception Unit RAF Ford Beaufighter
RAF Station Gravesend Gravesend, Kent  
No 72 Sqn RAF Gravesend Spitfire
RAF Station Hawkinge Hawkinge, nr Folkestone, Kent  
No 91 Sqn RAF Hawkinge Spitfire
RAF Station Hendon Hendon, Middlesex  
No 116 (Calibration) Sqn RAF Hendon Lysander
No 1 Camouflage Flt RAF Hendon Various
RAF Station Heston Heston, Middlesex  
RAF Station Hornchurch Hornchurch, Essex  
No 64 Sqn RAF Hornchurch Spitfire
No 411 Sqn RCAF RAF Hornchurch Spitfire
No 603 Sqn RAF Hornchurch Spitfire
RAF Station Hunsdon Hunsdon, nr Ware, Hertfordshire  
No 85 Sqn RAF Hunsdon Havoc I
No 3 Sqn RAF Hunsdon Hurricane
No 1451 Flight RAF Hunsdon Havoc
RAF Station Kenley Whyteleafe, Surrey  
No 602 Sqn RAF Kenley Spitfire
No 485 Sqn RNZAF RAF Kenley Spitfire
RAF Station Manston Manston, nr Ramsgate, Kent
No 32 Sqn RAF Manston Hurricane
No 607 Sqn RAF Manston Hurricane
RAF Station Martlesham Heath Martlesham Heath, Woodbridge, Suffolk
No 403 Sqn RCAF RAF Martlesham Heath Hurricane
No 418 Sqn RCAF RAF Martlesham Heath Boston
RAF Station Merston Merston, Chichester, Sussex
No 41 Sqn RAF Merston Spitfire
RAF Station Northolt Northolt, Ruislip, Middlesex
No 303 (Polish) Sqn RAF Northolt Spitfire
No 308 (Polish) Sqn RAF Northolt Spitfire
No 315 (Polish) Sqn RAF Northolt Spitfire
RAF Station North Weald North Weald, Epping, Essex  
No 222 Sqn RAF North Weald Spitfire
RAF Station Redhill Redhill, Surrey  
No 242 Sqn RAF Redhill Spitfire
RAF Station Shoreham Shoreham, Sussex
No 1488 Target Towing Flight RAF West Malling Lysander
RAF Station Southend Southend-on-Sea, Essex  
RAF Station Stapleford Tawney Stapleford Tawney, Essex  
No 71 (Eagle) Sqn RAF Stapleford Tawney Spitfire
No 277 Sqn RAF Stapleford Tawney Lysander/Walrus
RAF Station Tangmere Tangmere, Chichester, Sussex  
No 1 Sqn RAF Tangmere Hurricane
No 219 Sqn RAF Tangmere Beaufighter
No 1455 Flight RAF Tangmere Havoc
RAF Station Westhampnett Westhampnett, Chichester, Sussex
No 65 Sqn RAF Westhampnett Spitfire
RAF Station West Malling Maidstone, Kent  
No 29 Sqn RAF West Malling Beaufighter
No 264 Sqn RAF West Malling Defiants
No 1452 Flight RAF West Malling Havoc

No 12 (Fighter) Group

HQ - Watnall, Nottinghamshire

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Church Fenton Church Fenton, Tadcaster, West Yorkshire  
RAF Station Collyweston Collyweston, Northamptonshire  
RAF Station Coltishall Scottow, Norwich, Norfolk  
No 19 Sqn RAF Coltishall Spitfire
No 278 Sqn RAF Coltishall Lysander/Walrus
No 255 Sqn RAF Coltishall Hurricane
No 257 Sqn RAF Coltishall Hurricane
No 1489 Target Towing Flight RAF Coltishall Lysander
RAF Station Digby Digby, Lincolnshire  
No 409 Sqn RCAF RAF Digby Defiant
No 412 Sqn RCAF RAF Digby Spitfire
No 609 Sqn RAF Digby Spitfire
No 288 Sqn RAF Digby Hudson/Lysander/Hurricane
RAF Station Duxford Duxford, Cambridgeshire  
No 56 Sqn RAF Duxford Typhoon
No 601 Sqn RAF Duxford Typhoon
No 154 Sqn RAF Duxford Spitfire
Air Fighting Development Unit RAF Duxford Various
Aircraft Gun Mounting Establishment RAF Duxford Various
RAF Station Hibaldstow Hibaldstow, Redbourne, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire  
No 253 Sqn RAF Hibalstow Hurricane
RAF Station Kingscliffe Kingscliffe, Peterborough, Northamptonshire  
No 266 Sqn RAF Kingscliffe Spitfire
RAF Station Kirton in Lindsey Kirton in Lindsey, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire  
No 121 (Eagle) Sqn RAF Kirton in Lindsey Spitfire
No 616 Sqn RAF Kirton in Lindsey Spitfire
No 136 Sqn RAF Kirton in Lindsey Hurricane
RAF Station Leconfield Leconfield, Beverley, East Yorkshire Station in Bomber Command
No 610 Sqn RAF Leconfield Spitfires
RAF Station Swanton Morley Swanton Morley, Dereham, Norfolk Station in Bomber Command
No 152 Sqn RAF Swanton Morley Spitfire
RAF Station Wellingore Wellingore, Leadenham, Lincolnshire  
No 92 Sqn RAF Wellingore Spitfire
RAF Station Wittering Wittering, Peterborough, Northamptonshire  
No 25 Sqn RAF Wittering Beaufighter
No 151 Sqn RAF Wittering Defiant
No 1453 Flight RAF Wittering Havoc
No 29 Beam Approach Training Flight RAF Wittering Master
No 1453 Flight RAF Wittering Havoc

No 13 (Fighter) Group

HQ - Blakelaw Estate, Ponteland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Acklington Acklington, Morpeth, Northumberland  
No 43 Sqn RAF Acklington Hurricane
No 406 Sqn RCAF RAF Acklington Blenheim
No 1490 Target Towing Flight RAF Acklington Lysander
No 1460 Flight RAF Acklington Havoc
RAF Station Ayr Ayr, Heathfield, Ayrshire  
No 141 Sqn RAF Ayr Beaufighter
RAF Station Catterick Catterick, Richmond, North Yorkshire  
No 145 Sqn RAF Catterick Spitfire
RAF Station Drem Gullane Drem, East Lothian  
No 611 Sqn RAF Drem Spitfire
No 410 Sqn RCAF (1 Flt) RAF Drem Defiant
No 28 Beam Approach Training Flight RAF Drem Master
RAF Station Ouston Stamfordham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland  
No 410 Sqn RCAF (1 Flt) RAF Ouston Defiant
No 232 Sqn RAF Ouston Hurricane
RAF Station Scorton Scorton, Richmond, North Yorkshire  
No 122 Sqn RAF Scorton Spitfire
RAF Station Turnhouse Edinburgh 12, Midlothian  
No 312 (Czech) Sqn RAF Turnhouse Spitfire
No 289 Sqn RAF Turnhouse Hudson/Lysander/Hurricane
No 340 Sqn RAF Turnhouse Spitfire

No 14 (Fighter) Group

HQ - RAF Inverness

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Castletown Thurso, Caithness  
No 54 Sqn RAF Castletown Spitfire
No 123 Sqn (1 Flt) RAF Castletown Spitfire
RAF Station Dyce Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Station in Coastal Command
No 310 (Czech) Sqn RAF Dyce Spitfire
RAF Station Inverness Longman, Inverness  
No 1491 Target Towing Flight RAF Inverness Lysander
No 18 Wireless Unit RAF Inverness  
RAF Station Kirkwall Kirkwall, Orkney Islands Operations Room only
RAF Station Peterhead Peterhead, Aberdeenshire  
No 416 Sqn RCAF RAF Peterhead Spitfire
No 132 Sqn RAF Peterhead Spitfire
RAF Station Skeabrae Kirkwall, Orkneys  
No 331 (Norwegian) Sqn RAF Skeabrae Spitfire
RAF Station Tain Tain, Ross-shire  
No 17 Sqn RAF Tain Hurricane
No 123 Sqn (1 Flt) RAF Tain Spitfire

No 60 (Signals) Group

HQ - 'Oxenden', Plantation Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Units controlled by HQ No 60 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 2 Installation Unit RAF Kidbrooke  
No 70 (Signals) Wing Bunchrew House, Inverness  
No 71 (Signals) Wing Bucksburn House, Springfield Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen  
No 72 (Signals) Wing Stirling  
No 73 (Signals) Wing Eathorpe Hall, Malton, North Yorkshire  
No 74 (Signals) Wing Leighton, Trumpington Road, Cambridge  
No 75 (Signals) Wing Heathfield House, Keston, Kent  
No 76 (Signals) Wing Hillend, Henbury, Bristol  
No 77 (Signals) Wing 'High Lea' Woolton, Liverpool  
No 78 (Signals) Wing Holne Park, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, Devon  
No 79 (Signals) Wing Portadown, Northern Ireland  

Stations marked * are under the Signals Wing concerned for technical maintenance but are administered by the Sector Stations shown in brackets

Radar stations controlled by No 70 (Signals) Wing

Station Location/Address Notes
Brannish Isle of Lewis  
Broad Bay Isle of Lewis  
Cromarty Cromarty  
Crustan Orkneys  
Deerness Orkneys  
Eorodale Isle of Lewis  
Habost Isle of Lewis  
Islivick Isle of Lewis
Kendrom Isle ofSyke  
Loth Helmsdale, Sutherland  
Navidale Helmsdale, Sutherland  
Netherbutton Orkneys  
Northtown (Kirwall)* Orkneys  
Rodel Park Harris  
Sango Cape Wrath  
Stoer Point of Stoer  
Tannach Wick
Thrumster Wick
Ulbster Caithness
Whale Head Orkneys

Radar stations controlled by No 71 (Signals) Wing

Station Location/Address Notes
Clett Shetland Isles  
Cocklaw Peterhead, Aberdeen  
Doonies Hill Gregness, Aberdeen  
Douglas Wood Monikie, Angus  
Hillhead Fraserburgh, Aberdeen  
Noss Hill Shetland  
Rosehearty Aberdeen  
St Cyrus Kincardineshire  
School Hill Portlethen, Aberdeen
Skaw Shetland
Watsness Shetland

Radar stations controlled by No 72 (Signals) Wing

Station Location/Address Notes
Anstruther Fife  
Barrapoll Isle of Tiree  
Borve Castle Benbecula  
Carsaig Mull  
Cockburnspath Berwickshire  
Dirleton (Drem)* Edinburgh  
Drone Hill Berwickshire  
Greian Head Barra  
Kilchiaran Islay  
Kilkenneth Tiree  
North Cairn Stranraer  
Port Mor Tiree  
St Quivox (Ayr)* Ayr
Saligo Islay

Radar stations controlled by No 73 (Signals) Wing

Station Location/Address Notes
Bamburgh Northumberland  
Bempton East Yorkshire  
Cresswell Morpeth, Northumberland  
Danby Beacon Seaholm. North Yorkshire  
Easington East Yorkshire  
Hampton Hill (Church Fenton)* Beverley Park, Yorkshire This location is difficult to identify
Humberston Grimsby, Lincolnshire  
Kinley Hill Dawdown, Seaham Harbour, County Durham
Northstead (Ouston)*
Orby (Digby)* Skegness, Lincolnshire
Ottercops Northumberland
Seaton Snook (Catterick)* Northumberland
Skendleby Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Staxton Wold Scarborough, North Yorkshire Currently the oldest operating radar station in the world
Stenigot Louth, Lincolnshire

Radar stations controlled by No 74 (Signals) Wing

Station Location/Address Notes
Bawdsey Woodbridge, Suffolk  
Canewdon Rochford, Essex  
Dunwich Saxmundham, Suffolk  
Great Bromley Colchester, Essex  
High Street, Darsham Suffolk  
Happisburgh Norwich, Norfolk  
Hopton Yarmouth, Norfolk  
Langtoft (Wittering)* Bourne, Lincolnshire  
Neatishead (Coltishall)* Wroxham, Norfolk  
Stoke Holy Cross Norwich, Norfolk  
Trimley Heath (Debden)* Martlesham  
Waldringfield (North Weald)* Martlesham  
Walton Essex
West Beckham Holt, Norfolk

Radar stations controlled by No 75 (Signals) Wing -

Station Location/Address Notes
Beachy Head Sussex  
Bembridge Isle of Wight  
Dunkirk Faversham, Kent  
Durrington (Tangmere)* West Worthing  
Fairlight Hastings  
Foreness Cliftonville  
Newchurch Kent  
Pevensey Sussex  
Poling Sussex  
Rye Sussex  
Swingate Dover  
Truleigh Hill Shoreham  
Ventnor Isle of Wight  
Wartling (Kenley)* Pevensey
Whitstable Kent
Willesborough (Biggin Hill)* Ashford, Kent

Radar stations controlled by No 76 (Signals) Wing -

Station Location/Address Notes
Castell Mawr Cardiganshire  
Comberton (Honiley)* Pershore, Worcestershire  
Cricklade (Colerne)* Wiltshire  
Folly Pembrokeshire  
Huntspill (Colerne)* Somerset  
Hayscastle Cross Pembrokeshire  
Kete Pembrokeshire  
Ringstead Dorset  
Ripperston (Fairwood Common)* Pembrokeshire  
Sopley (Middle Wallop)* Christchurch, Hampshire  
Southbourne Bournemouth, Dorset  
St Twynnels Pembrokeshire  
Strumble Head Fishguard  
Sturminster Marshall (Hurn)* Dorset  
Warren Pembrokeshire
Worth Matravers Swanage, Dorset

Radar stations controlled by No 77 (Signals) Wing -

Station Location/Address Notes
Bride Isle of Man  
Cregneish Isle of Man  
Dalby Isle of Man  
Formby Formby, Liverpool, Lancasshire  
Great Orme's Head Llandudno  
Hack Green (Atcham)* Nantwich, Cheshire
Hawcoat Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire
Nevin Carnarvonshire  
Pen-y-bryn Llyn  
Prestatyn Flintshire  
Rhuddlan Flintshire  
St Bee's Head Cumberland  
Scarlet Point Isle of Man  
South Stack Holy Island, Anglesey  
Tower Blackpool, Lancashire  
Trewan Sands (Valley)* Anglesey
Wylfa Anglesey

Radar stations controlled by No 78 (Signals) Wing -

Station Location/Address Notes
Beer Head Seaton, Cornwall  
Bolt Head Start Point  
Branscombe Salcombe Regis, Devon  
Carnaton Newquay, Cornwall  
Downderry Tor Point, Cornwall  
Dry Tree Helston, Cornwall  
Exminster (Exeter)* Exeter, Devon  
Hartland Devon  
Hawkstor Plymouth, Devon
Kingswear Devon
Mark's Castle Land's End, Cornwall  
Newford (Portreath)* Scilly Isles  
Northam Devon  
Pen Olver Lizard, Cornwall  
Rame Head Cornwall  
Sennen Cornwall  
Trelanvean Cornwall  
Treleaver (Portreath)* Cornwall  
Trevescan Penzance, Cornwall  
Trerew Newquay, Cornwall
Trevose Newquay, Cornwall
West Prawle Devon
Wrafton (Exeter)* Braunston, Devon

Radar stations controlled by No 79 (Signals) Wing -

Station Location/Address Notes
Ballindery County Tyrone  
Ballymartin County Down  
Ballywoodan (Ballyhalbert)* County Down  
Bishop's Road (Eglinton)* County Derry  
Castlerock County Derry  
Downhill County Derry  
Glenarm County Antrim  
Greystones County Down  
Kilkeel County Down
Lisnaskea Enniskillen  
Roddans Port County Down  

No 81 Operational Training Group

HQ - Avening Court, Avening, Nr Stroud, Gloucestershire

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Aston Down Aston Down, Stroud, Gloucestershire  
No 52 OTU RAF Aston Down Hurricane
RAF Station Church Fenton Church Fenton, Tadcaster, West Yorkshire Station in No 12 Group
No 54 OTU RAF Church Fenton BlenheimDefiant/Beaufighter
RAF Station Cranfield Cranfield, Bedfordshire  
No 51 OTU RAF Cranfield BlenheimDefiant/Beaufighter
RAF Station Crosby on Eden Crosby-on-Eden, Carlisle, Cumberland  
No 59 OTU RAF Crosby on Eden Hurricane
RAF Station East Fortune East Fortune, East Lothian  
No 60 OTU RAF East Fortune Defianrt
RAF Station Grangemouth Central Scotland Airport, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire
No 58 OTU RAF Grangemouth Spitfire
RAF Station Hawarden Hawarden, Saltney Ferry, Flintshire
No 57 OTU RAF Hawarden Spitfire
RAF Station Heston Heston, Middlesex Satellite in No 11 Group
No 61 OTU RAF Heston Spitfire
RAF Station Llandow Llandow, Glamorganshire
No 53 OTU RAF Llandow Spitfire
RAF Station Sutton Bridge Sutton Bridge, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire
No 56 OTU RAF Sutton Bridge Hurricane
RAF Station Usworth Usworth, Sunderland, Co. Durham
No 55 OTU RAF Usworth Huricane

No 82 (Fighter) Group

HQ - RAF Home Forces, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Ballyhalbert Ballyhalbert, County Down, Northern Ireland  
No 153 Sqn RAF Ballyhalbert Defiant
No 504 Sqn RAF Ballyhalbert Spitfire
RAF Station Belfast Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland  
No 96 Wing Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland
RAF Station Eglinton Eglinton, Londonderry, Northern Ireland  
No 131 (Eagle) Sqn RAF Eglinton Spitfire
RAF Station St Angelo Lough Erne, County Fermanagh  

Source - December 1941 SD161

County names used are those in use at the time

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