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Fighter Command - August 1940

No 9 Group (HQ - Barton Hall)

This group was in the process of forming.

No 10 Group (HQ - Rudloe Manor)

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Middle Wallop Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire  
No 234 Sqn RAF Middle Wallop Spitfires
No 604 Sqn RAF Middle Wallop Blenheims
No 609 Sqn RAF Middle Wallop Spitfires
RAF Station Filton Filton, Bristol, Gloucestershire  
Care & Maintenance Party RAF Filton  
RAF Station Exeter Exeter, Devon  
No 213 Sqn RAF Exeter Hurricanes
No 87 Sqn RAF Exeter Hurricanes
RAF Station Pembrey Pembrey, Cornwall  
No 92 Sqn RAF Pembrey  
No 238 Sqn RAF St Eval - Station in Coastal Command Hurricanes
No 5 OTU RAF Aston Down Spitfires/Blenheims
No 6 OTU RAF Sutton Bridge Hurricanes
No 7 OTU RAF Hawarden Hurricanes/Spitfires
No 247 Sqn RNAS Roborough (Parent Station - Mount Batten) Gladiators
No 152 Sqn RAF Warmwell Spitfires

No 11 Group (HQ - Uxbridge)

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Northolt Northolt, Middlesex
No 1 Sqn RAF Northolt Hurricanes
No 1 Sqn RCAF RAF Northolt Hurricanes
No 303 (Polish) Sqn RAF Northolt Hurricanes
RAF Station Kenley Kenley, Surrey  
No 616 Sqn RAF Kenley Spitfires
No 615 Sqn RAF Kenley Hurricanes
RAF Station Debden Debden, Essex  
No 601 Sqn RAF Debden Hurricanes
No 257 Sqn RAF Debden Hurricanes
No 111 Sqn RAF Debden Hurricanes
RAF Station Hawkinge Hawkinge, Kent  
Care & Maintenance Party RAF Hawkinge Hurricanes
RAF Station Biggin Hill Biggin Hill, Kent  
No 32 Sqn RAF Biggin Hill Hurricanes
No 610 Sqn RAF Biggin Hill Spitfires
RAF Station Gravesend Gravesend, Kent  
No 501 Sqn RAF Gravesend Hurricanes
RAF Station North Weald North Weald, Essex  
No 56 Sqn RAF North Weald Hurricanes
No 151 Sqn RAF North Weald Hurricanes
No 419 Flight RAF North Weald Lysanders
RAF Station Hornchurch Hornchurch, Essex  
No 54 Sqn RAF Hornchurch Spitfires
No 65 Sqn RAF Hornchurch Spitfires
No 264 Sqn RAF Hornchurch Defiants
RAF Station Manston Manston, Kent  
No 600 Sqn RAF Manston Blenheims
RAF Station Croydon Croydon, Surrey  
No 85 Sqn RAF Croydon Hurricanes
RAF Station West Malling West Malling, Kent  
No 26 Sqn (Lodger unit) RAF West Malling Lysanders
RAF Station Hendon Hendon, Middlesex  
No 24 Sqn RAF Hendon Various
RAF Station Tangmere Tangmere, Sussex  
No 43 Sqn RAF Tangmere Hurricanes
No 17 Sqn RAF Tangmere Hurricanes
No 602 Sqn RAF Tangmere Spitfires
Fighter Interception Unit RAF Tangmere Blenheims

No 12 Group (HQ - Watnall)

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Martlesham Heath Martlesham Heath, Suffolk  
No 25 Sqn RAF Martlesham Heath Blenheims
RAF Station Duxford Duxford, Cambridgeshire  
No 19 Sqn RAF Duxford Spitfires
No 310 (Czech) Sqn RAF Duxford Hurricanes
No 312 (Czech) Sqn RAF Duxford Hurricanes
RAF Station Wittering Wittering, Leicestershire  
No 23 Sqn RAF Wittering Blenheims
No 266 Sqn RAF Wittering Spitfires
No 229 Sqn RAF Wittering Hurricanes
RAF Station Digby Digby, Lincolnshire  
No 611 Sqn RAF Digby Spitfires
No 46 Sqn RAF Digby Hurricanes
No 29 Sqn RAF Digby Blenheims
RAF Station Speke Speke, Liverpool, Lancashire  
No 308 (Polish) Sqn RAF Speke Hurricanes
RAF Station Kirton-in-Lindsey Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire  
No 222 Sqn RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey Spitfires
No 74 Sqn RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey Spitfires
No 308 (Polish) Sqn RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey Hurricanes
RAF Station Coltishall Coltishall, Norfolk  
No 66 Sqn RAF Coltishall Spitfires
No 242 Sqn RAF Coltishall Hurricanes
RAF Station Church Fenton Church Fenton, West Riding of Yorkshire  
No 73 Sqn RAF Church Fenton Hurricanes
No 249 Sqn RAF Church Fenton Hurricanes
No 306 (Polish) Sqn RAF Church Fenton Hurricanes

No 13 Group (HQ - Newcastle)

Unit Location Notes
No 245 Sqn RAF Aldergrove (Station in RAFNI) Hurricanes
RAF Station Catterick Catterick, North Riding of Yorkshire  
No 41 Sqn RAF Catterick Spitfires
No 219 Sqn RAF Catterick Blenheims
RAF Station Leconfield Leconfield, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire  
No 64 Sqn RAF Leconfield Spitfires
No 302 (Polish) Sqn RAF Leconfield Hurricanes
RAF Station Usworth Usworth, Stamfordham, Northumberland  
No 607 Sqn RAF Usworth Hurricanes
RAF Station Turnhouse Turnhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland  
No 253 Sqn RAF Turnhouse Hurricanes
RAF Station Drem Drem, East Lothian  
No 145 Sqn RAF Drem Hurricanes
No 605 Sqn RAF Drem Hurricanes
RAF Station Prestwick Prestwick, Renfrewshire  
No 141 Sqn RAF Prestwick Defiants
No 263 Sqn RAF Grangemouth (Station in No 22 Group) Hurricanes
No 3 Sqn RAF Wick - Station in Coastal Command Hurricanes
RAF Station Yeadon Yeadon, West Riding of Yorkshire  
Station Flight RAF Yeadon  
RAF Station Castletown Castletown, Caithness  
No 504 Sqn RAF Castletown Hurricanes
No 603 Sqn (1 Flight) RAF Dyce - Station in Coastal Command Spitfires
No 603 Sqn (1 Flight) RAF Montrose - Station in Flying Training Command Spitfires
RAF Station Acklington Acklington, Alnwick, Northumberland  
No 79 Sqn RAF Acklington Hurricanes
No 72 Sqn RAF Acklington Spitfires
No 232 Sqn RAF Sumburgh - Station in Coastal Command Hurricanes

No 14 Group (HQ - Inverness)

This group was in the process of forming.

No 60 (Signals) Group (HQ - 'Oxenden', Plantation Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire)

Units controlled by HQ No 60 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 2 Installation Unit RAF Kidbrooke  
Special Flight RAF Martlesham Heath  
No 1 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Wick  
No 2 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Dyce  
No 3 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Usworth  
No 4 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Church Fenton  
No 5 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Duxford  
No 6 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Biggin Hill  
No 7 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Filton  
No 8 Radio Maintenance Unit RAF Speke  

Radar stations controlled by No 60 (Signals) Group

Station Location/Address Parent Unit
Anstruther Fife Leuchars
Bamburgh Northumberland Usworth
Bempton East Yorkshire Driffield
Bawdsey Woodbridge, Suffolk Martlesham Heath
Beachy Head Sussex Kenley
Bembridge Isle of Wight Gosport
Bride Isle of Man Jurby
Canewton Rochford, Essex Hornchurch
Cockburnspath Berwickshire Drem
Cresswell Morpeth, Northumberland Usworth
Carnaton Newquay, Cornwall St Eval
Cromarty Cromarty Evanton
Cregneish Isle of Man Jurby
Danby Beacon Seaholm. North Yorkshire Thornaby
Doonie Hill Aberdeen Dyce
Douglas Wood Angus Montrose
Dover Kent Hawkinge
Drone Hill Berwick Drem
Dry Tree Helston, Cornwall St Eval
Dunkirk Faversham, Kent Manston
Dunwich Saxmundham, Suffolk Martlesham Heath
Deerness Nether Button, Orkneys Lyness
Easington East Yorkshire Catfoss
Fairlight Hastings Hawkinge
Foreness Cliftonville Manston
Great Bromley Colchester, Essex North Weald
Glenarm County Antrim Aldergrove
Happisburgh Norwich, Norfolk Horsham St Faith
High Street, Darsham Suffolk Martlesham Heath
Hillhead Kinnairds Head Dyce
Hawkstor Plymouth, Devon Pembroke Dock
Hayscatle Cross Fishguard, Anglesey Mount Batten
Hopton Yarmouth, Norfolk Horsham St Faith
North Cairn Stranraer West Freugh
Nether Button Kirkwall, Orkneys Lyness (950 Balloon Sqn)
Ness Hill Sumburgh, Shetlands Sumburgh
Nevin Carnarvonshire Penrhos
Ottercops Northumberland Usworth
Prestatyn Flintshire Sealand
Pevensey Sussex Kenley
Poling Sussex Tangmere
Rame Head Plymouth Mont Batten
Rosehearty Aberdeenshire Dyce
Rye Sussex Hawkinge
St Twynnells Tenby Carw Cheriton
St Cyrus Montrose Montrose
School Hill Aberdeen Dyce
Shotton Castle Eden, County Durham Usworth
Skaw North Unst, Shetlands Sullom Voe
Staxton Wold Scarborough, North Yorkshire  Driffield, Currently the oldest operating radar station in the world
Stenigot Louth, Lincolnshire Manby
Stoke Holy Cross Norwich, Norfolk Horsham St Faith
Strumble Head Fishguard, Anglesey Pembroke Dock
Skendleby Spilsby, Lincolnshire Manby
Scarlet Point Isle of Man Jurby
Sidmouth Devon Exeter
Truleigh Hill Shoreham Tangmere
Thrumster Wick Wick
Trerew Newquay, Cornwall St Eval
Ventnor Isle of Wight Gosport
Walton The Naze, Essex North Weald
West Beckham Holt, Norfolk Bircham Newton
West Prawle Devon Mount Batten
Whale Head Orkneys Lyness (950 Balloon Sqn)
Warren Tenby Pembroke Dock
Whitstable Kent Manston
Worth Matravers Swanage Warmwell

Miscellaneous Units

Unit Location Notes
Air Ministry Unit London (11 Group)  
RAF Unit 'Z' London (11 Group)  
R/T Voice Unit Uxbridge  

Source - SD161 (5th Issue), August 1940

County names used are those in use at the time

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