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Other Overseas Commands - July 1938

RAF Mediterranean

Units directly administered by RAF Mediterranean HQ

Unit Location
RAF Station Kalafrana Kalafrana, Malta
  1. No 202 (General Reconnaissance) Sqn
  2. Inter-Command W/T Station
Station HQ Hal Far Hal Far, Malta
  1. Station Flt
  2. No 3 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
Meteorological Station Valetta
RAF Units in the Fleet Air Arm administered by the Mediterranean Command
RAF Units for HMS Glorious: -
  1. HQ
  2. No 802 (Fleet Fighter) Sqn
  3. No 812 (Fleet Torpedo Bomber) Sqn
  4. No 823 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn
  5. No 825 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn

Catapult Units: -

  1. No 701 (Catapult) Flt (1st Battle Sqn - Mediterranean)
  2. No 705 (Catapult) Flt (Battle Cruiser Sqn - Mediterranean)
  3. No 711 (Catapult) Flt (1st Cruiser Sqn - Mediterranean)
  4. No 713 (Catapult) Flt (3rd Cruiser Sqn - Mediterranean)

British Forces in Aden

Units directly administered by Command HQ

Unit Location
No 8 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Khormaksar
Armoured Car Section RAF Steamer Point
RAF Equipment and Supply Depot RAF Steamer Point
RAF Hospital Aden

Aden Protectorate Levies

Unit Location
HQ RAF Khormaksar
2 Dismounted Companies RAF Khormaksar
1 Machine Gun Troop Sheikh Othman

Military Forces in Aden

Unit Location
HQ, British Army Troops, Aden  
9th (Heavy) Battery, Royal Artillery  
Anti-Aircraft Section, Royal Artillery  
20th (Fortress) Company, Royal Engineers  

RAF Far East

Unit Location
RAF Station Seletar Seletar, Singapore
No 36 (Torpedo Bomber) Sqn RAF Seletar
No 100 (Torpedo Bomber) Sqn RAF Seletar
No 205 (General Reconnaissance) Sqn RAF Seletar
No 230 (General Reconnaissance) Sqn RAF Seletar
Aircraft Depot RAF Seletar
Straits Settlement Volunteer Air Force RAF Seletar
Inter-Command W/T Station RAF Seletar
RAF Station Kai Tak Kai Tak, Hong Kong
Station Flt RAF Kai Tak
RAF Units in the Fleet Air Arm administered by the Far East Command
RAF Units for HMS Eagle: -
  1. No 813 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn
  2. No 824 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Sqn

Catapult Units: -

  1. No 714 (Catapult) Flt (4th Cruiser Sqn - East Indies)
  2. No 715 (Catapult) Sqn (5th Cruiser Sqn - China)
  3. No 720 (Catapult) Flt (New Zealand Division)

Source - July 1938 Air Force List

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