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Coastal Area - September 1930

Directly Administered by Area HQ

Unit Location Officer Commanding
Inspector of Recruiting (a)
  1. RAF Recruiting Depot
Gwydyr House, London SW1
  1. Gwydyr House, London SW1
Sqn Ldr A N Benge



Central Medical Establishment (b) 3-4 Clement's Inn, WC2  
Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (c)
  1. Flying Boat Development Flt
RAF Felixstowe
  1. RAF Felixstowe
Gp Capt G R Bromet
  1. Sqn Ldr A H Orlebar
RAF Training Base RAF Leuchars Gp Capt F E T Hewlett
  1. HQ
  2. Accommodation for a total of 3 FAA Flights
Station HQ RAF Donibristle Wg Cdr G S M Insall VC
  1. No 36 (Torpedo Bomber) Sqn
  1. Sqn Ldr A W Mylne
RAF Units for    
  1. HMS Furious
  2. HMS Courageous
  1. Vacant
  2. Wg Cdr R Collishaw
Station HQ RAF Mount Batten Wg Cdr S W Smith
  1. No 204 (Flying Boat) Sqn
  2. No 209 (Flying Boat) Sqn
  1. Sqn Ldr F J Laurence
  2. Sqn Ldr J H O Jones

No 10 Group

Unit Location Officer Commanding
RAF Base Calshot Gp Capt E R C Nanson
  1. HQ
  2. No 201 (Flying Boat) Sqn
  3. HQ Training Sqn
  4. Navigation School
  5. Seaplane Training Flt
  6. Marine Training Section
  1. see above
  2. Sqn Ldr E F Turner
School of Naval Co-operation RAF Lee-on-Solent Wg Cdr D G Donald
No 444 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Flt RAF Lee-on-Solent Flt Lt G R O'Sullivan
RAF Base Gosport Wg Cdr J H S Tyssen
  1. Base HQ
  2. Flying Section
  3. Torpedo Development Section
  4. Marine Craft Section
  5. RAF Auxiliary 'Adastral'
  6. Storage Unit
  7. Accommodation for a total of 6 FAA Flights
RAF Floating Dock RAF Portland Fg Off H J Soper

(a) Controlled directly by the Air Ministry

(b) Under the Director of Medical Services for technical administration (medical)

(c) Directly under Air Ministry for technical administration

Source - September 1930 Air Force List

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