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Other Overseas Commands - July 1927

RAF India (HQ - Ambala)

Unit Location
Aircraft Depot Karachi
  1. Port Detachment
  1. Kiamari, Karachi
Aircraft Park Lahore
No 28 (Army Co-operation) Sqn Ambala
Central Accounts Office Poona
No 1 Indian Wing Peshawar
  1. No 60 (Bombing) Sqn
  2. No 20 (Army Co-operation) Sqn
  1. Kohat
  2. Peshawar
No 2 Indian Wing Risalpur, Nowshera
  1. No 27 (Bombing) Sqn
  2. No 5 (Army Co-operation) Sqn
  1. Risalpur, Nowshera
  2. Risalpur, Nowshera
No 3 Indian Wing Quetta
  1. No 31 (Army Co-operation) Sqn
  1. Quetta

(a) Directly under the Air Ministry for technical administration.

RAF Mediterranean (HQ - Valetta, Malta)

Unit Location
RAF Base Calafrana, Malta
  1. HQ
  2. No 481 (Coastal Reconnaissance) Flt
Meteorological Station Malta
RAF Units in HMS Eagle
  1. No 402 (Fleet Fighter) Flt
  2. No 421B (Fleet Spotter) Flt
  3. No 423 (Fleet Spotter) Flt
  4. No 460 (Fleet Torpedo) Flt

RAF China (HQ - Hong Kong)

Unit Location
RAF Units in HMS Hermes
  1. No 403 (Fleet Fighter) Flt
  2. No 440 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flt
RAF Units in HMS Argus
  1. No 404B (Fleet Fighter) Flt
  2. No 422 (Fleet Spotter) Flt
  3. No 441 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flt
RAF Units in HMS Vindictive
  1. No 444 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flt
RAF Unit in HMS Enterprise
RAF Units at Honk Kong
  1. No 401 (Fleet Fighter) Flt
  2. No 441 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flt
  3. No 443B (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flt
  4. FAA Reserve Stores Section
  5. FAA Accounts Office
  6. FAA Repair Section

RAF Shanghai (HQ - c/o Shanghai Defence Force)

Unit Location
No 2 (Army Co-operation) Sqn Shanghai

Source - July 1927 Air Force List

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