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Coastal Area - July 1921

Directly Administered by Area HQ

Unit Location
Inspector of Recruiting RAF (a):- 4 Henrietta St, Covent Gardens, London WC2
  1. RAF Recruiting Depot
  2. RAF Recruiting Depot
  3. RAF Recruiting Depot
  4. RAF Recruiting Depot
  5. RAF Recruiting Depot
  6. RAF Recruiting Depot
  7. RAF Recruiting Depot
  8. RAF Recruiting Depot
  9. RAF Recruiting Depot
  10. RAF Recruiting Depot
  11. RAF Recruiting Depot
  12. RAF Recruiting Depot
  13. RAF Recruiting Depot
  14. RAF Recruiting Depot
  15. RAF Recruiting Depot
  16. RAF Recruiting Depot
  17. RAF Recruiting Depot
  18. RAF Recruiting Depot
  19. RAF Recruiting Depot
  20. RAF Recruiting Depot
  21. RAF Recruiting Depot
  22. RAF Recruiting Depot
  23. RAF Recruiting Depot
  1. 4 Henrietta St, Covent Gardens, London WC2
  2. 2 Military Road, Chatham
  3. McIlroy's Buildings, Oxfordchambers, Reading
  4. 298 Bath Street, Glasgow
  5. 82 Regent Quay, Aberdeen
  6. 2 Regent Terrace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  7. 39 South Bridge, Edinburgh
  8. Drill Hall, Bridge Street, Middlesborough
  9. No 3, Grand Central Hotel, Belfast
  10. 11 St Anne Street, Liverpool
  11. St George's Schools, Oldham Road, Manchester
  12. 69 Clarendon Road, Leeds
  13. 45 Beverley Road, Hull
  14. Crown Buildings, James Watt Street, Birmingham
  15. 3 De Montfort Square, Leicester
  16. City Hall, Cardiff
  17. 39 Exchange Street, Norwich
  18. 15 Old Town Street, Plymouth
  19. White Hart Road Barracks, Portsmouth
  20. Hamilton House, Commercial Road, Southampton
  21. 4 Colston Street, Bristol
  22. Drill Hall, Gloucester Road, Brighton
  23. 26 Broad Street, Nottingham
RAF Airship Base Howden
  1. Airship Training School
  2. Hydrogen Plant
  3. Airship Construction Station
  1. Howden
  2. Howden
  3. Barrow in Furness
Air Ministry, Wireless Section Room 834, Air Ministry, Kingsway, WC2
London MT Section War Office Garage, Ebury Bridge Road, SW1
Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment Isle of Grain
No 230 Sqn Felixstowe

No 10 Group (HQ - Lee-on-Solent)

Unit Location
School of Naval Co-operation and Aerial Navigation Calshot
  1. Marine Training Section
  1. Calshot
No 210 Sqn Gosport
  1. HQ
  2. Service Flight
  3. Training Flight
  4. Composite Co-operation Flight
  1. Gosport
  2. Gosport
  3. Gosport
  4. Gosport
No 238 Sqn (Cadre) Cattewater


No 29 (Fleet) Group (HQ - Donibristle)

This Group includes Units directly under the Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic and Home Fleets for operations

Unit Location
Units Ashore
Coastal Area Aircraft Depot Donibristle
RAF Base Leuchars Leuchars
  1. No 203 Sqn
  2. No 205 Sqn
  1. RAF Base Leuchars
  2. RAF Base Leuchars
Units Afloat
Aircraft in Fighting Ships (Senior RAF Officer is on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic and Home Fleets borne in HMS Queen Elizabeth
Aircraft Carriers
HMS Argus
HMS Furious (b)
HMS Ark Royal (b)

(a) Directly under Air Ministry for technical administration.

(b) No RAF personnel on board

Source - July 1921 Air Force List

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