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Other Overseas Commands - August 1920

Independent Units

Unit Location
Aeronautical Commission of Control (Austria) Room 664, Air Ministry
Aeronautical Mission of Control (Germany)
  1. HQ
  2. Detachment
  1. Berlin - Charlottenburg 87,
  2. Antwerp
Aeronautical Mission of Control (Bulgaria) Room 662, Air Ministry

RAF Rhine

Unit Location
No 12 Sqn Heumar
Stores and Repair Unit Eil

RAF India

Unit Location
Directly under the control of Group HQ
RAF School Bangalore
  1. No 1 Sqn
  2. No 3 Sqn
  1. Bangalore
  2. Bangalore
Aircraft Depot Lahore
  1. Port Depot
  2. Detachment
  1. Bombay
  2. Karachi
Aircraft Factory Lahore
Meteorological Station (Forming) Banna Abbas
Meteorological Station (Forming) Karachi
No 1 (Indian) Wing - Peshawar
Advanced HQ Manzai
No 5 Sqn Quetta
No 20 Sqn Bannu
No 27 Sqn Risalpur
No 60 Sqn Risalpur
No 2 (Indian) Wing - Ambala
No 28 Sqn Ambala
No 31 Sqn Mhow

Mediterranean Group

Unit Location
No 267 Sqn (1 Flight) Malta
No 202 Sqn (1 Flight) Alexandria
Care & Maintenance Party (Refuelling base) Port Said
Disposal Depot, Malta Malta
Meteorological Station, Malta Malta
Aircraft Carriers  
  1. HMS Pegasus
  2. HMS Ark Royal

Overseas units in the course of disbandment and amalgamation

Unit Location
Training Mission RAF HQ, South Russia  
Disposal Depot, Malta Malta
No 1 African Survey Khartoum
No 2 African Survey Nairobi
No 3 African Survey Pretoria

Source - August 1920 Air Force List

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