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Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick Rosier (37425)

Frederick Ernest               b: 13 Oct 1915                     r: 3 Sep 1973                     d: 10 Sep 1998

GCB 3 Jun 1972 (KCB 10 Jun 1966, CB 1 Jan 1961), CBE 9 Jun 1955 (OBE - 2 Jun 1943), DSO 13 Feb 1942, ADC, MiD 1 Jan 1946, ON(C) - 31 Oct 1947, OM (P) - xx xxx 19? .

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

Act Plt Off (P): 21 Oct 1935, Plt Off: 26 Aug 1936, Fg Off: 26 Apr 1938, Flt Lt: 26 Apr 1940, (T) Sqn Ldr: 1 Jun 1941, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Jun 1942, Sqn Ldr: 20 Nov 1942 [1 Jun 1941], Act Gp Capt: 20 Mar 1943, Wg Cdr (WS): 20 Sep 1943, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1947, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1953, Act A/Cdre: 1 Apr 1958, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1959, AVM: 1 Jul 1961, Act AM: 3 Mar 1966, AM: 1 Jul 1966, ACM: 1 Mar 1970.                          

11 May 1936:         Pilot, No 43 Sqn.

xx xxx 1936:           OC, 'B' Flight, No 43 Sqn

27 Aug 1939:          Attended RAF School of Aeronautical Engineering

 5 Oct 1939:           Flight Commander, No 229 Sqn.

19 May 1940:         Shot down in flames and hospitalised

16? Oct 1940:           Officer Commanding, No 229 Sqn.

xx Oct 1941:           Officer Commanding, No 263 Wing - Western Desert Air Force.

xx xxx 1942:            Deputy OC, No 211 Group - Western Desert Air Force.

20 Mar 1943:          Officer Commanding, RAF Aston Down/No 52 OTU

xx Sep 1943:           Officer Commanding, RAF Northolt.

xx xxx 1944             Officer Commanding, No 23 (Fighter) Wing.

 6 Aug 1945:            Group Captain - Operations, HQ No 84 Group.

28 Oct 1946:           Air Staff Officer, HQ Fighter Command

xx xxx 1947:            Officer Commanding, RAF Horsham St Faith.

xx xxx 1948:            Exchange posting, USAF.

xx xxx 1950:            Instructor, Joint Services Staff College.

xx xxx 1952:            Group Captain - Operations, Central Fighter Establishment.

20 Dec 1954:          Group Captain - Plans, HQ Fighter Command.

xx xxx 1957:            Attended Imperial Defence College.

18 Jun 1957 - 9 Jun 1959:            ADC to The Queen.

 1 Apr 1958:            Director of Joint Plans

 2 Aug 1961:            AOC, Air Forces Middle East

14 Feb 1964:           SASO, HQ Transport Command

 3 Mar 1966:            AOC in C, Fighter Command

7 Aug 1968:             UK Permanent Military Deputy to CENTO

13 Apr 1970:           Deputy C in C, HQ Allied Forces Central Europe

11 Mar 1972 -  3 Sep 1973:           Air ADC to The Queen

Whilst a member of 43 Sqn during 1938/9, he led the squadron's display team of six Hawker Furies.  During operations over the Dunkirk beach-head, he was shot down and badly burned whilst attempting to bale out of his doomed Hurricane. He was shot down once again in 1941?, this time whilst on an operation to Tobruk.  However, he escaped from his aircraft and was able to make a three day march through enemy lines back to the British side.  During this period, he was posted 'Missing'.

During his course at the Imperial Defence College he and his fellow students carried out a fact finding tour of Middle eastern countries including Iran

On retirement he joined the British Aircraft Corporation as Military Adviser and a Director of the Preston Division until 1977 when he took over the post of Director i/c of BAC  in Saudi Arabia.  His uniform and medals have been donated to a new museum set up at RAF Leuchars in mid 2008.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Service Order.

Acting Wing Commander Frederick Ernest ROSIER. (37425)

This officer has commanded a fighter wing since the commencement of the operations in Libya.  Both in the air and on the ground, his courage and efficiency have been inspiring throughout.  On one occasion, when one of our fighter wings was being attacked by a large number of enemy aircraft, Wing Commander Rosier joined in the engagement.  When breaking clear he observed one of our pilots who had been forced to land in enemy territory and, in an attempt to rescue him, Wing Commander Rosier landed his aircraft.  He was unable to take off again owing to the close proximity of enemy forces.  Nevertheless, both pilots eventually got away and, after many narrow escapes, succeeded in regaining base after a period of 3 days.  Wing Commander Rosier is an outstanding fighter pilot and leader.

(London Gazette 13 February 1942)

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