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Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Le Cheminant (33544)

Peter de Lacey                        b: 17 Jun 1920                        r: 27 Aug 1979            d: 8 Apr 2018

GBE 3 Jun 1978, KCB 3 Jun 1972 (CB 8 Jun 1968), DFC 27 Jul 1943, Bar 31 Aug 1951, KStJ 18 Dec 1980, FRUSI - 2001.

AC2: 3 Sep 1939, LAC: 5 Sep 1939,  Plt Off (P): 23 Dec 1939, Fg Off (WS): 23 Dec 1940, Flt Lt: xx Dec 1941, Act Sqn Ldr: 10 Aug 1942, Act Wg Cdr: 2 May 1943, Sqn Ldr (WS): 4 Aug 1943, Flt Lt: 21 May 1946 [23 Jun 1943], Sqn Ldr: 1 Aug 1947, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1951, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1958, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1964, Act AVM: 16 May 1966, AVM: 1 Jan 1967, AM: 1 Jul 1972, ACM: 2 Feb 1976.

12 Jan 1939:            Flight Cadet, 'A' Sqn, RAF College.

23 Dec 1939:          Attended No 1 School of Army Co-operation.

23 Mar 1940:          Pilot, No 4 Sqn. (Peronne, France)

22 Apr 1940:          Pilot, No 613 (City of Manchester) Sqn.

25 Apr 1940:          Pilot, No 614 (County of Glamorgan) Sqn.

10 Aug 1941:          Flight Commander, B Flight, No 614 Sqn.

14 June 1942:         Reconnaissance Instructor, No 42 OTU/No 2 School of Army Co-operation

10 Aug 1942:          Flight Commander, B Flight, No 614 Sqn.

16 Jan 1943:           Flight Commander, No 114 Sqn

 2 May 1943:          Officer Commanding, No 223 Sqn.

 1 Mar 1944:           Staff, Combined Operations HQ.

20 Jun 1944:           Attended RAF Staff College.

xx Sep 1944:           Staff Officer, Department of ACAS (Intelligence)

xx Mar 1945:           Staff Officer, HQ Tiger Force.

28 Aug 1945:          Command Intelligence Officer, HQ Transport Command.

 1 Apr 1946:            Directing Staff, Allied Staff College.

xx xxx 1949:           Officer Commanding, No 209 Sqn.

xx xxx 1951:           Staff, HQ Far East?

xx xxx 1953:           Staff, Joint Planning Staff.

xx xxx 1955:           Wg Cdr - Flying, RAF Kuala Lumper.

xx xxx 1958:           Attended Joint Services Staff College.

10 Nov 1958:          Deputy Director, Directorate of Air Staff Plans and Programmes.

 2 Aug 1961:           Officer Commanding, RAF Geilenkirchen.

31 Dec 1963:           Director of Air Staff Briefing.

16 May 1966:          SASO, HQ Far East Air Force.

 2 Oct 1967:            Chief of Staff, HQ Far East Air Force.

20 Nov 1968:          Commandant, Joint Warfare Establishment.

 1 May 1971:           Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy).

11 Nov 1972:          UK Permanent Military Deputy, CENTO.

31 Jan 1974:            Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.

 5 Feb 1976:            Deputy C in C, HQ Allied Force Central Europe.

Entering the RAF College at Cranwell in early 1939, his course was cut short by the outbreak of WW2.  He was first posted to No 613 Squadron and later it's sister unit No 614.  Here he flew the Westland Lysander.  One the squadron's roles at this time was to assist in training of Army units, prior to posting to the Middle East, in army co-operation techniques.

His service in 614 was quite long, with him rising from Pilot Officer to Squadron Leader and flight commander.  By this time however, the squadron had re-equipped with the Blenheim IV, and later V, and had moved to North Africa.  On 17 December 1942, he was assigned to attack Tunis of Bizerta docks but his aircraft (Blenheim V, BA732) suffered a burst tyre on take off and his undercarriage collapsed.

From 22 April 1980 to 1985, he was Lieutenant-Governor and C in C of Guernsey. 

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

"LE CHEMINANT, Peter de Lacey, S/L (33544, Royal Air Force)  - No.114 Squadron.

This officer has completed numerous operational sorties against the enemy both over Occupied France and in Tunisia.  He has taken part in low level attacks against road communications and airfields, always pressing home his attack with coolness and determination regardless of the dangers and difficulties encountered.  Since taking over command of a squadron his courage and devotion to duty have been an inspiration to all aircrews."

(Source - Air Ministry Bulletin 10937)

Citation for the award of the Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross

"LE CHEMINANT, Peter de Lacey, W/C, DFC (33544, Royal Air Force) - No.209 Squadron

Wing Commander Le Cheminant, DFC, was appointed to command a flying boat squadron in September 1949.  Since September 1950, the squadron has been operating regularly in the Korean campaign, carrying out anti-submarine and anti-shipping sorties in Korean waters in the worst possible weather.  By his leadership and example he has maintained the morale and efficiency of his squadron at a very high level, and has himself flown on 22 sorties and invariably undertakes the most difficult sorties."

(Source - Air Ministry Bulletin dated 30 August 1951)                               

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