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Air Commodore L M E Jarman (27227)

Lancelot (Michael) Elworthy  

b: 17 Aug 1907                       r: 30 Aug 1958                        d: 30 Oct 1986

DFC 31 May 1940, MiD - 2 Jun 1943, MiD - 24 Sep 1941, MiD - 11 Jun 1942, CEng, MIMechE, AFRAeS, MBIM, MAIE.

Plt Off (P): 22 Feb 1929, Plt Off: 22 Feb 1930, Fg Off: 22 Aug 1930, Flt Lt: 22 Aug 1934 [gazetted 10 Oct 1934], Sqn Ldr: 1 Jun 1938, Act Wg Cdr: 8 Jun 1940 [announced 25 Jun 1940], (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Dec 1940, Act Gp Capt: 12 Sep 1941, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Sep 1942, Wg Cdr: 1 Oct 1946, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1947, Act A/Cdre: xx xxx 1952?, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1954.

22 Feb 1929:            Initial Officer Training, RAF Depot, Uxbridge?

10 Mar 1929:           U/T Pilot, No 1 FTS.

12 Feb 1930:           Pilot, No 12 Sqn. (Fox)

 4 Jul 1931:              Pilot, No 14 Sqn.? (Fairey IIIF)

13 Jun 1932:            Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

 4 Aug 1932:            Aircraft Engineering Course, Home Aircraft Depot.

 8 Aug 1934:            Engineering Officer/Instructor, School of Technical Training (Men).

19 Sep 1934:           Appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer.

4 Oct 1935:             Engineering Officer, RAF Depot, Middle East.

14 Jan 1937:            Engineer Examining Officer, Superintendent of RAF Reserve and Inspector of Civil Flying Training Schools.

xx xxx xxxx:             Engineer Examining Officer, HQ No 26 (Training) Group.

20 Jul 1938:             Engineering Officer, HQ Maintenance Command.

24 Feb 1939 31 Mar 1939:                Placed on half pay list.

xx xxx 1939:            Flight Commander, No 214 Sqn. (Harrow/Wellington)

20 Dec 1939:           Flight Commander, No 9 Sqn. (Wellington)

15 May 1940:          Posted to HQ No 20 Group

12 Jun 1940:            Chief Instructor, No 20 OTU.

xx Aug 1940:           Chief Instructor, No 11 OTU.

26 Mar 1941:          Chief Instructor, No 23 OTU. (Acting OC to 1 Apr 1941)

12 Sep 1941:           Officer Commanding, No 27 OTU/RAF Lichfield

24 Jun 1942:            SASO, HQ No 93 (Training) Group.

26 Apr 1943:           Officer Commanding, RAF Kirmington. (attached to HQ 93 Group, 26-30 Apr 1943)

 9 Aug 1943:           Attended Senior Officers' Anti-Gas Course, Rollestone Camp (4 days)

28 Oct 1943:           Officer Commanding, RAF Wyton. (Supernumerary from 26 Oct 1943)

26 Jun 1944:            SASO, No 205 Group.

xx xxx 1947:            Officer Commanding, RAF Oakington.

xx xxx xxxx:             Officer Commanding, RAF Abingdon.

15 Mar 1949:          SOA, HQ No 42 (Maintenance) Group.

xx xxx 1950:            Commandant, Central Flying School?

xx xxx 1951:            Officer Commanding, RAF Full Sutton.

xx xxx xxxx:            Officer Commanding, RAF Merryfield.

xx xxx 1952:            Chief of Staff, Royal Pakistan Air Force.

xx xxx 1953:            Attachment to USAF.

xx xxx 1955:            Admin Officer?, Defence Research Policy Staff, Cabinet Offices.

15 Mar 1957:          AOA, HQ Coastal Command.

Born and educated in New Zealand, he attended the University of New Zealand before joining the RAF on a short service commission in 1929.  Flying duties in Britain (No 12 Squadron equipped with the Fairey Fox) and Palestine (No 14 equipped with the Fairey IIIF), was followed in December 1931, by sitting the first exam taken by Short Service Commission holders to undertake specialisation training, successful completion of which would lead to the award of a Permanent Commission.

He then held a number of engineering posts until he returned to flying duties in 1939 with No 214 Squadron equipped with the Harrow and later Wellingtons.  Moving to No 9 Squadron as a flight commander, he then became Chief instructor at three OTU's before being appointed to command RAF Lichfield, the home of No 27 OTU.  In 1943, he took over command of RAF Wyton, and qualified as a 'Pathfinder'.  In 1945, he left the UK to become SASO of No 205 Group in the Middle East.

Returning to the UK, he commanded a number of RAF stations as well as holding a staff appointment in Maintenance Command before moving overseas, once again, this time on secondment to the RPAF.  Before returning to Britain, he was attached to the USAF and during this attachment he was based at Nellis AFB to observe tests of T33 and F86E.  During this period, he also acted as an observer at atomic  tests at Yucca Flats and Nevada.  His two final appointments in the RAF were as Administration Officers in the Cabinet Offices and at HQ Coastal Command.  Following his retirement, he became a Director of the Engineering Industries Association (1958 - 1973).

At some point he changed his name to Elworthy-Jarman, although this name was never used in the Air Force Lists.

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