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Air Chief Marshal Sir Brendan Jackson (2620275)

Brendan James             b: 23 Aug 1935                        r:  5 Nov 1993             d: 19 Nov 1998

GCB 13 Jun 1992 (KCB 31 Dec 1986), BA, FRSA1st Prize - 'Gordon Shephard' Memorial Comp. 1971

Act Plt Off: 23 Aug 1956, Plt Off: 25 Sep 1957, Fg Off: 25 Sep 1958?, Flt Lt: 1 Feb 1959 [23 Feb 1958], Sqn Ldr: 1 Jul 1965, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1972, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1977, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1981, AVM: 1 Jan 1984, AM: 15 Aug 1986 , ACM: 1 Jan 1990.

23 Aug 1956:    Appointed to a National Service Commission

xx xxx 1956:       U/T Pilot, No 8 FTS, RAF Swinderby

22 Oct 1956:    Appointed to an Extended Service Commission (scheme C)

19 Mar 1958:    Graduated with Course No 117

Pilot Officer Brendan ('Benny') Jackson, 3rd from left, graduating with Course No 117 at No 8 Flying Training School - 19 March 1958

 2 May 1958:    Appointed to Permanent Commission (General List) in the rank of Flying Officer. (seniority 23 Aug 1955)

xx xxx 1958:     Pilot, No ? Sqn

xx xxx xxxx:      Pilot, No 100 Sqn (Victors Wittering)?

xx xxx 1966:     Attended RAF Staff College.

xx Sep 1967:    Officer Commanding, No 13 Sqn

18 Jun 1969 :   PSO to Chief of Staff, HQ 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force


18 Nov 1972:   Assistant Chief Training Operations, US Armed Forces Staff College, Barksdale

 8 Nov 1974:    PSO to the Chief of the Air Staff

24 Jun 1977:    Officer Commanding, RAF Marham.

1979 - 80:        Assistant Director of Defence Policy

20 Sep 1980:   Director of Air Staff Policy

12 Mar 1984:   Assistant Chief of Staff - Policy Division, HQ SHAPE

15 Aug 1986:   Deputy C in C, Strike Command

 5 Aug 1988:    Air Member for Supply and Organisation.

Brendan Jackson gained a BA in Modern Japanese from London University, making him a qualified interpreter when he joined the RAF in 1956.  On graduating as a pilot, he was posted to fly Meteors and later still completed tours on Canberra's, Victors and B52's whilst on exchange with the USAF.

On 20 March 1963, he was co-pilot of Victor B Mk 2, XM714, the normal crew of five being increased to six by a  Bomber Command 'umpire', which was tasked with a night exercise. The aircraft had only recently been delivered to the squadron from the factory and the weather was good.  After passing 800 feet following a normal take-off and Flt Lt Jackson noticed the No.2 engine fire warning light was on, but told the captain that No.1 engine was on fire.  The captain noticed this error and corrected him and instructed him to advise ATC.  The captain then instructed the rear crew members to check their parachutes. Jackson then noticed that the undercarriage warning flag, which normally activates when the speed drops below 160 knots with the undercarriage up, was activated and he warned the captain accordingly. The captain replied that he was climbing for height and despite the severe juddering believed that he had sufficient speed because, it is thought, he believed he was actually flying at 100 knots higher than he was. At around 5000 feet the Victor turned over to port and fell away partly inverted. The captain ordered the crew to abandon the aircraft but the rear crew members were unable to do so because of the high G forces as the aircraft was spinning.  Flt Lt Jackson ejected and was unharmed but the aircraft crashed 3 1/2 miles ENE of RAF Wittering.   Retired on account of medical unfitness for Air Force Service.

This page was last updated on 22/02/20

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