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Royal Air Force and related sites

The Aircrew Association,

Airfield Construction Branch website,


RAF Home Page.

RAF Cranwell.

Central Flying School.

Coastal Command and Maritime Air Association

MLRS Books - Military History Booksellers - producers of reprints of Air Ministry , RAF Museum and AHB documents

National Service in the RAF,

The Royal International Air Tattoo.

The Official Red Arrows Website.

The RAF Boy Entrants Association.

RAF Changi Association (inc. HQFEAF) Membership is open to all ex  RAF / WAAF/ WRAF personnel and civilians who served there during 1946-72. Why not consider becoming a Member.   Contact : Membership Secretary:  Malcolm Flack for details on 01494 728562 or e-mail:

RAF Cosford Apprentices

Locking Apprentices Association,

RAF Luqa Remembered

The RAF Police Association.

The Air Training Corps. For squadron links see the section further down this page

The RAF Museum.

The RAF Association.

The RAF Heraldry Trust.

RAF MT Drivers Association.

RAF & Defence Fire Services Association.

RAF Commands website.

Royal Wings:  The unofficial website for the RAF

No 51 Squadron.

No 624 Squadron

Christmas Island A site dedicated to the Nuclear tests carried out in the 1950's from this base.

Sheba Imports - This company specialises in the production of heraldic badges, including RAF unit badges.

South African Air Force - An excellent unofficial site

No 26 Squadron SAAF

RAF History Books by Tom Docherty

2nd.Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association  Membership includes flyers who operated by day in  North American  Mitchells or Douglas Bostons on 88, 98, 107, 180, 226, 305, 320 and 342 squadrons.  137 and 139 Wings of 2 Group RAF were the Wings  to which the squadrons belonged.  We have members in Canada, Australia, Europe, S.Africa, and the UK. An Annual General Meeting and Dinner weekend is held  in Bedford every September. Members of the Ground Staff of the squadrons are eligible for Associate membership, by reason of the fact that their "All Ranks" Association became defunct a short while ago.  Contact the chairman by e-mail : - Jenkin Williams


 Old Opps UK 

Ken Arnolds WW2 Memories Website  An excellent site giving veteran's memories of their time in the air services of many different nationalities.

Allies in War.

The British United Services Club of Los Angeles,

The Aircrew Association,

Brunssum War Cemetery

In Memory - Commonwealth War Cemeteries, Communal Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France by Pierre Vandervelden

R.A.F. Transport Command Veterans Association

Hamilton Project Ė self-employment support for ex-service personnel, veterans and their families

Ever thought about running your own business? Your service background has given you a range of skills that can be an excellent foundation for self-employment - self-discipline, reliability, determination, to mention just a few. The Hamilton Project is a business support programme that will help you apply these skills in a business setting. Established in memory of Richard Hamilton, who served with the 21 SAS before he died tragically in a canoeing accident, it provides access to on-line business education, workshops and an e-mentoring programme, and, if you are based in Oxfordshire, we have funding from the County Council for you to take part.

Want to know more?  Please contact Dr Tracey Marr at Communities in Business Ltd. 

T 01844 278448 W E

Nursing and Medicine During World War I

Mesothelioma Doctor


Mesothelioma Group

Nursing Home Abuse  - Each year, 1/10 senior veterans in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are abused or neglected. Only 1/14 of those incidents actually goes on to be reported. Nearly 65% of those abused are women. Letís help raise awareness, get families the help they need, and make life safer for our seniors.

General, a new volunteer-based startup that conducts free research for educators

Fast Aviation Data is an aviation research company that provides Aircraft and Airport Software with 3,500 Aircraft photos and specification 8,148 airports to help you calculate the distance and time between airports.

Hopeline - This program connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds organizations nationwide and protects the environment.

World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands A downloadable database available free of charge.

British Aviation Archaeological Council This page of the site as a very useful link to an aviation related booklist.

Imagination Ink - Here at IMAGINATION INK! we aim to recreate images from the past or provide photo restoration on images from a bygone era. Our services are not exlusively centred on these media formats, we undertake a wide range of projects encompassing Wedding Design Packages,Book Design, Glossy Brochure & Product Design Literature, Chocolate Bar Wrapper Design, Promotional CD's,
CD Clock Design, Fridge Magnet Design and an exclusive Bookmark Nostalgia Collection promoting the movie industry at home and abroad.

Graphic Greatness - 100 Best sites for designers

JACO Aerospace - Potted history of general aviation history

Notable women in Aviation

The Wright Brothers

The Tuskegee Airmen

Aviation Timeline - Lindbergh Foundation

Remote control helicopters - RC Helicopter UK - Full Range of Radio Controlled Helicopters from Blade Helicopters, Align, Walkera, Elite on sale for beginners and Pro. RC Helicopters Fast FREE Delivery.

Drug Dangers is committed to providing the latest information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications. If youíre interested, I would love to hear your thoughts about our website. I really appreciate your time and consideration.

Historic Newspaper Archive - The archive is made up of over 7 million editions from all over the world. To date the UK titles have been catalogued as far back as 1900 by date and title, there are also lots of US and regional issues, as well as many from the Victorian era. These have proved to be popular gifts for milestone events, particularly birthdays.  Carefully preserved in our archive for many years, these original newspapers offer a fantastic window into how life once was and provide a fascinating insight into the life and times of relatives, both past and present. We can provide you with a newspaper from the day you, or a relative, were born or perhaps from another important milestone, such as a wedding anniversary or historic event.

Squadron/Unit Association Websites

No 97 Squadron Association

No 207 Squadron Association.

Vulcan Crew Chiefs

Personal Tribute Websites

Harry's Tale  The story of Harry Walker who served with No's 137 and 198 Squadrons

Brian Johannesson's site  This contains diaries and images of early RAF flying documents belonging to Konrad Johannesson.

David Scott's Diary - The diary of a WW2 Lancaster Flight Engineer

Group Captain Michael 'Mike' Judd - Personal memoir

Moving Through the History of Flight: Inventors and Innovators

Air Training Corps Squadrons


Aviation Websites

12 O'Clock High: Photographs of RAF/USAAF airfields as they are now.

57 Rescue  The site dedicated to the Handley Page Halifax

Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb.

Airfields in Yorkshire.

Australian Flying Corps.

Blackburn Beverley:  A site dedicated to the Blackburn Beverley

The Blenheim Society.

BAe Systems:  Official site of BAe Systems

de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre incorporating the Mosquito Aircraft Museum.

Established in 1959 at Salisbury Hall on the site of the hangar where the Prototype Mosquito was built in secret in WW2.   We have 3 Mosquitoes including the original Prototype.

Firsts in the air

Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939 - 1945.

Hatfield in World War Two

Jacks World Aviation Links.

MacRobert's Reply    A site dedicated to the aircraft which carried this famous name

Rathbone Museum of WW2 Aviators   An extremely interesting site, particularly if you are interested in military uniforms.

Gallery Vladimir - Paintings of RAF Czech Squadron aircraft and personnel

Website on 1st Lt. Dal Corradini This website covers the career of an Italian airman in WW2 and included details of his shooting down by Spitfires of No 43 Squadron.

Wings for Freedom: - The history and heritage of the RCAF.  An excellent site.  RCAF squadron badges on my site are courtesy of this site.    

The World of Military Wings    Chris Langley's excellent site showing military flying badges from around the world.

 X-Planes: An excellent site containing details on aircraft, photographs, stories, links and much more.  Well worth a visit. 

 Military and Naval sites

The Long, Long Trail - The British Army in the Great War:  An excellent resource covering the British ground forces in WW1.

Word War 1 Naval Combat: The website containing stacks of information on World War One.  Check out the links page, there's more then just the naval war.

Air Marshal Professor The Lord Garden's Website.

Aces of the Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe 1933 - 1945.  This site is an excellent resource for organisational details of the Luftwaffe.

Flight Simulation and Model websites

Fly Away Simulation - The Internet's first stop portal for flight simulation

Military Models Online - Model Aircraft, Scale Military Models, Model Ships
Our selection of model: aircraft, helicopter, and planes; scale models; military aircraft; military model boats; quality scale models. Find the finest detailed scale models available anywhere. Magnificent reproductions of military models.  Military Models Online has the widest selection of wood model planes for sale. We specialize in hand carved model airplanes, warplanes, jet models, model airplanes, helicopter models, model space shuttles, model sailboats, spacecraft models, NASA models, vintage model airplanes, WW2 model airplanes, WW2 model airplanes, hobby model airplanes, jet model planes, airliner models, display model airplanes, commercial model airplanes, model planes for sale, and model helicopters.

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