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Help Wanted!     Requests 300 - 399

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If you would like to post a request for information please submit it to me using the link below and I will publish it on this page, please do not change the subject title.   If you can answer any of the queries posted, please submit your reply below, please indicate which request you are replying to: -

Send your request here

Request 399.    Posted 12 Oct 2006

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my father Squadron Leader Ian D. S. Strachan. He was lost on a mission flying a P51 Mustang of 65 Squadron, out of Banff, Scotland in January 1945.

Request 398.    Posted 12 Oct 2006

Hi there,

I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, Harold "Curly" Yeomans, aka: Johnny Yeomans, RAF 61Sqn, 5 Group 1944...based at Skellingthorpe and Balderton.  My dad is now 81, in good health, living in Langley, BC, Canada

Request 397.    Posted 8 Oct 2006

RAF Hawarden 1952 -54.

Anyone recall Hut 120 and John Rippon (also known as Toddles) SAC 2553355 Air Traffic Control with his James 98cc Motor Bike bought from Reg Woods for 75..

I/C Hut 120 was Cpl Mick Swain from Worksop (Remember his pre war Rover car). Others Ellis Haslam, Snowy White, Randy Something. Mike Barrett, Something Williams from Blackpool, etc. The lads on the Homer. Officers in Control Tower: F/lt Allen, F/lt Reg G. Woods from Wallasey, Sqdn/ldr Crosbie ex Navigator.

Long shot but you never know!

Request 396.    Posted 8 Oct 2006

I am trying to find out the name of a pilot of 130 Squadron who collided in Spitfire NH713 with a Mustang Mk.3 off 306 Squadron over Ham Street, Kent on 18th August 1944.

Request 395.    Posted 5 Oct 2006

I am trying to find out more about my late Father's RAF History during WWII. His name is George L Turner (AC2 Service number 1878751). I know he was based at Seletar some time in 1945/46 at the end of the war. The crew photograph was taken alongside an RAF Liberator. Any information would be most welcome. Thank you,  Barie L Turner

Request 394.    Posted 1 Oct 2006

This is a very long shot but if anyone was in Bristol UK during world war II and knew a CLAIRE DUMBLE could they please contact me.


Request 393.    Posted 30 Sep 2006

Hi I saw your website and wanted to find out about how to place a request, I am trying to find pictures of the Abbassia Garrison Church, Egypt in WW2. I have had no luck on the net and thought that perhaps persons who had served in Egypt in WW2, may have photos of the Garrison Area, and the Church.

I know this is a long shot but I am trying to help an ex-servicewoman whose parents whilst in service for the WAAF and ARMY married there in 1946. Unfortunately she is currently battling cancer and I am trying to cheer her up with a few family pieces and thought a picture of the church would be great. I know that the families entire belongings including wedding pictures are in the red sea thanks to a torpedo to a cargo ship on the way back from a posting in the far east.

If you could advise me further on if it is possible to place a request, I would appreciate your time.

Many Thanks Helenka

Request 392.    Posted 30 Sep 2006

I am seeking any photograph relating to 127Squadron RAF (Personnel, Aircraft (Code 9n) etc.) for inclusion in a web site and possibly a book on the subject.  I am also interested in any information regarding the pilots that flew with the squadron.

Thanks, Andy

Request 391.    Posted 30 Sep 2006

I'm looking for photographs and / or information about Dakotas  from : 109 (T)OTU, 1381 TCU, 1383 TCU,147 SQN, 167 SQN,187 SQN, 511 SQN and 525 SQN. Needs this for a book about C-47's in the Belgian Air Force. Crews were trained during the war in these RAF units.  ADDRESS : Verbeeck Serge, Larestraat 17, B 1980 - Zemst, Belgium

Request 390.    Posted 30 Sep 2006

We are trying to find information on my uncle, the late Wing Commander Joe Northrop who served with the Pathfinders. Please contact us if you have any stories or information.

Karin and Michael Northrop

Request 389.    Posted 23 Sep 2006

Ron Hirst 614 Sqn. Im trying to find information on my late father who served as a bomb-aimer with 614. In 2004 N John Hooper was trying to trace him but I cannot obtain contact details. Any information appreciated.

Richard Hirst

Request 388.    Posted 22 Sep 2006

Looking for information on my late Step-Father Lomond Reid,air gunner with 625/576 squadrons. Service number 1565309. Would love to hear from old comrades or anyonethat knew him    Great web-site by the way

Many thanks  D. Price

Request 387.    Posted 22 Sep 2006

Looking for photographs or details of a Hurricane belonging to 17 squadron that sported nose art of a cockerel (rooster) wearing boxing gloves. This is to assist in the painting of a real Hurricane at the Brooklands Museum Please contact Roy Nottrodt (07947) 026508Email

Request 386.    Posted 22 Sep 2006

I am writing a book about RAF casualty procedure 1939-52, and would like to hear from anyone who was involved in the casualty branches of the Air Ministry, the Missing Research and Enquiry Service, or any other unit concerned with casualty work or crash/wreck recovery, and who is willing to talk about their experiences.

Many thanks,

Stuart Hadaway  (
Assistant Curator
Royal Air Force Museum London
T: 020 8358 4810
F: 020 8358 4991 (Office hours only)

Department of Research and Information Services
Royal Air Force Museum
Grahame Park Way
Switchboard: 020 8205 2266
Fax (24 hours) 020 8200 1751

Request 385.    Posted 22 Sep 2006

Hello I'm French
I missing map to Banff  station in 1944, document and photos to 236 sq RAFand 404 sq RCAF, I  missing to document for officer Forestell Robert Samuel and Robbie Ian Crichton dead in operation to, attack enemy shipping in Bay of Biscay France 08/08/1944 and photo to Beautfigther and badge to 236 and 404 sq sorry for my English

ERCEAU TONY 45 Rue de la Blancharderie 85630 Barbatre vendee France  Email:

Thank you for your answers

Request 384.    Posted 17 Sep 2006

The son of Air Commodore D W Bayne, would like to hear from anyone who know his father in the RAF.

Request 383.    Posted 14 Sep 2006

Is there any one who was in No 14 squadron from 1940-1945 in North Africa, who new my father Aubrey (Ray) Goodchild (still alive), would like to hear from anyone who is interested.

thank you

daughter Carol

Request 382.    Posted 14 Sep 2006


I am trying to trace anyone who may have known my husband's grandfather, Kenneth Sankey Mayor , who was stationed at Gosport in 1938 and was a Leading Aircraftsman. He was married at the time to Francis Mayor (ne Park) and had a newly born son called Gordon. We do not know what became of Kenneth.
Many thanks.
Aliosn Mayor

Request 381.    Posted 14 Sep 2006

I am trying to find any information on my uncle Thomas Edward Turpin (RCAF.) RAF 78 squadron killed in action 0ct.1 1942, buried in Keil

Request 380.    Posted 14 Sep 2006

I am a local Air historian from Venlo, The Netherlands.

I my database I have a Spitfire PR IX crash near Roermond, NL on 5 Dec 1944, which is still incomplete.
The aircraft serial was PL 882, pilot Griffith, Rank and initials unknown. Unit 541 Sqn. Further details unknown. I am looking for the following information:
1. Precise location of the crash.
2. Fate of the pilot.
3. Cause of the crash, like fighters, flak or accident
4. If possible a photo of this pilot and/or his plane.
Thank you very much for your help.
Hub Groeneveld
Senecalaan 3
5926SL Venlo
The Netherlands.

Request 379.    Posted 9 Sep 2006

I am trying to locate information re. Flt. Lt. J E Fordham, stationed sometime at St. Mawgan.  If you can help, or let me know to whom to contact, I would be grateful.

Thanks & Regards

Warren Harrington

North Canterbury

New Zealand.

Request 378.    Posted 9 Sep 2006

I am trying to locate any information regarding my uncle, Sgt. R.H. Crafts, RCAF, wireless operator/airgunner lost along with his entire crew on the morning of July 2, 1941 while engaged in bombing operations against the German ship Prinz Eugen anchored at Brest, France.

The regisration number of the Wellington bomber was R1343, OJ-B.....149 Squadron, Group 3 based out of Mildenhall.
I have recently visited the gravesite of the entire crew of six at Kerhautras Cemetery in Brest and was also able to the locate cemetery in Lesneven, north of Brest where the sixty German sailors lost during the raid were also buried.
Any information from anyone who knew of my uncle ( who is originally from Kingsville, Ontario )  would be much appreciated.
Eric Murray

Request 377.    Posted 4 Sep 2006

I recently learned that I have half sister born in France approx. 1943-44-45.  My dad was a U.S. soldier (U.S. Army) during Normandy during those years.  I do not have her name or family name.

My dad's name was:   George R. Jenkins (which would be her father as well).  He also went by the nickname of Res or Resley.   I have no idea how to begin my search, but since we heard about this, my brother and I would really like to find her.  If anyone has any idea or any information, perhaps an Army buddy of his that he served with.  Email me at:

Request 376.    Posted 27 Aug 2006

Am looking for an old friend WARD whom I new during the war, who was with the RAF, he was from Auckland New-Zealand, him and his wife returned to there home,

Request 375.    Posted 26 Aug 2006

I am trying to find information on my Dad who was at RAF Cosford in 1953, his name was Colin Thomas Davies, unfortunately I didn't know him as he died in 1963. He was, apparently involved in an accident at the base where he sustained serious head injuries. If anyone can remember him or the incident, good or bad, please contact me
Many Thanks x x x

Request 374.    Posted 19 Aug 2006

This has been deleted as the enquirer has made contact we the person they were searching for

Request 373.    Posted 12 Aug 2006

I am researching a pilot RAF or commonwealth crash in Italy (P/O VALLEY) near CREMONA city in 11 September 1944.

Thank You.

Request 372.    Posted 12 Aug 2006

My family are looking for anyone who may have information on my Father's late cousin, F/Sgt "Ted" Budd, formerly of 150 & 614 Squadrons between April 1944 & March 1945.

We know that whilst with 150 Sq he flew with Flying Officer J.F.C Stonham D.F.C., Wireless Operator "Ralph" Nixon, F/Sgt "Dick" Heathente or Heathcote and the late Henry Taft, their Navigator.

Sadly Ted died on or about 7th March 1945 serving with 614 Sq. We are trying to find out as much as we can about his life and service at that time and would be eternally grateful if we could glean further insight into his life. Alternatively, if you have any info on 150 & 614 Sq's during this period we would also like to hear from you.

My e-mail address is

Many thanks for your time and the opportunity to post this request.

Nick Budd

Request 371.    Posted 1 Aug 2006

Elsbet Strohbach was searching for any reference to RAF F/ Lieutenant with first name "George" in the military hospital (Res-Lazarett) at Koenigswartha (formerly German Wehrkreis IV-Dresden) at that time 1944/45. Elsbet told, George became interned after an air crash relatively early. He survived and was interned, but he became ill in 1944 and was taken into that Res-Lazarett Koenigswartha nearby Bautzen, together with German soldiers. He was accommodated separately and went out in the park of the hospital separately. 

Elsbet first met George in this military hospital. George and Elsbet, they were close friends at this time, but they lost sight of each other in the winter 1945. Elsbet was born in 1924 and lived in Langburkersdorf, a village nearby Neustadt (district Pirna near Dresden). She went by train to this military hospital in this time.    

With reference to URL's at a number of addressees about POW of second war I could find any information on inmates RAF F/ Lieutenant and the first name "George", but I could not find any lists of Prisoners-of-war of this military hospital in Koenigswartha.

It would be nice to hear from anyone who may possibly remember or from anyone who could provide some insight into his time at military hospital Res-Lazarett Koenigswartha.

I would appreciate your answer. 

Kindest regards   

Steffen Zaunik

Request 370.    Posted 31 Jul 2006

I am trying to research the history of airfiled at Bamrauli (Allahabad-India).
I will be grateful if anybody could share any information with me in terms of remininces, records, photographs etc.
Group Captain Sudheer Maingi

Request 369.    Posted 19 Jul 2006

I would like to find a photo of the pilots who were in the 504 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.  These would be the pilots who flew with Ray Holmes.

I saw this picture in a National Geographic TV show.  There is another pilot in the photo I would like to see.
Thank you
Ron Huntington

Request 368.    Posted 19 Jul 2006

I am trying to trace the present whereabouts (or tthose of any descendants) of a VIC HARDING who was a self-employed pilot in Northern Rhodesia in the 1950, operating out of Lusaka. He would then have been probably in his late 20s. He flew an Oxford, doing cropspraying and delivering goods by air to isolated communities. He was either English or Rhodesian by nationality, and presumably must have learnt to fly somewhere sometime, possibly during the Second World War. Any jelp you may be able to give me would bew most gratefully received. I have a photo of Vic and his plane, should these be of any help.
Many thanks!
James A Gilman
Durham, England

Request 367.    Posted 19 Jul 2006

Can anyone help on the name of the mag in the RAF days particularly 90-95 please.. Mark N Ex 31sqn

Request 366.    Posted 15 Jul 2006

I have a dress tunic and sidecap named to Flight Lieutenant Charles Augustus Grey Bennett - 9th Earl of Tankerville (Lord Ossulston).  I have managed to trace his progress training as a pilot in Canada 1942 to his last London Gazette listing as Flight Lieutenant 18th May 1946.  I also discovered he died in San Francisco in 1980 aged 69 yrs.  Aside from his pilot's wings, his dress tunic has a single France and Germany ribbon.  Can anyone help me with information relating to Lord Ossulston's service career particularly type of aircraft flown and squadrons?

Request 365.    Posted 15 Jul 2006

My family come from Sri Lanka which was formerly known as CEYLON. Between 1957 and 1960 my brother Brian came to know Bill Essex and Tony Bowden who were stationed at RAF Katunayake who became family friends, visiting us from time to time in Colombo.  They introduced a few more colleagues over the years, and we met George Oakes, David Hutchins and Tony Beddoe.  When they left Ceylon, we kept in touch through correspondence and then we all came over to settle in England, first in Braintree, Essex and then in Wimbledon.  We were in touch in the early 60s, but lost contact afterwards.  I wonder if anyone can help with contact addresses or phone numbers. We would be most grateful for any assistance through your website.

Many thanks
Marcia Ratnayake
Request 364.    Posted 15 Jul 2006

I am a teacher at Padgate Community High School.  The school is built on the former RAF Camp at Padgate.  Has anyone any plans, photos or other interesting pictures.  I am teaching a project about change of land use.

Anything sent electronically would be great.

Peter Speed

Request 363.    Posted 7 Jul 2006

My great uncle was Wing Commander Len Cottingham D.F.C. I would like to hear from anyone who has details or photographs of him when he was attached to No 33 Sqn in Egypt during 1940, when he was flying Gladiators and Hurricanes.

I have already seen the page about him on the Commonwealth Biplane Fighter Aces site, but would like more information if anybody has anything. Many thanks.
Daryl Payne
Request 362.    Posted 3 Jul 2006

My father in law, Ray Leeson, was an Australian airmen, stationed at the RAF Bruntingthorpe Base. Ray was the sole survivor out of his crew when their Wellington bomber crashed at Bruntingthorpe, towards the end of the war.

Ray is still alive and living in Australia.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who may have known him during the war so I can put them in contact with Ray.
Thank you
Michael Butcher

Request 361.    Posted 3 Jul 2006

I would like to contact anyone who served with HQ 38 Group from 01 Jan 60 till Jun 61

38 Group was reformed on 01 Jan 60 under the command of AVM Peter Wykeham

Request 360.    Posted 3 Jul 2006

My name is Eddy DAIVIER, 39 years old and I'm living in BELGIUM. The 18 december 1944, a bomber crashed near the town where I'm living. It was the halifax NP934 MH-V from 51 squadron. It took off from Snaith at 02.58 to ops to duisburg in germany but it never see Germany. It crashed into a wwod south of Charleroi in Belgium. All crew members were reported killed. Flying Officer Bernard Mark TWILLEY was the pilot of this bomber and the others people died were Edgar Harold BARON, Roy challinor HITCHEN, William John HILLEBRAND, Hugh Brenton JONES, Roberts HALL, Carl Winston CASSINI  and Ricard HOLDEN. I'm not a full time writer but my wish is to write a little book to help the inhabitants of my town to never forget. I looks information about this crew or about life at Snaith between september and december 1944. I hope perhaps to find veterans who knew these people, it's important for me to imagine who was their life.

ThanK you very much for your further help.

Request 359.    Posted 22 Jun 2006

My father was an RAF guy (rank - at the time - no idea!!!) who witnessed the drops on Christmas Island. I know little of the details of his activity there or his role within his unit. What I do know is that was posted there from Henlow via various hops on a constellation (among other aircraft). He finished his service life at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire not a stack of years there-after.

His name? Peter Ewan. His age now? 7-er there-abouts and a few!
He attained the rank of Sergeant as far as I know. The whole family now reside in the Bristol area.
Me? I'm his 42yo brat.... er son. lol. many times have I heard him talk of the events of that era and I've seen the limited amount of TV footage of the events.
I have, however, no personal images from the period that I can keep by. If indeed there are any stills remaining totally intact of British personnel. I've trolled as many sites as I can find and this seems my best hope.
If anyone knows of - or owns - any photos of the no-doubt vast numbers of UK staff at the time (if Dad's there, he'll be near a beer tent !!!!!!! just kiddin' Dad.), I'd be amazed for one; and eternally grateful for any copies of such gems.

Request 358.    Posted 16 Jun 2006

Seeking crew (or family of) in 51 Squadron Snaith - 1944.
F/Lt R J Feaver Pilot
P/O A Howson Navigator
F/O L E Bachelder bomb aimer
PO W H Stocker Wireless operator
F/Sgt Eric G Millett flight engineer
F/Sgt C M Smith rear gunner
My father was Charles (Paddy) Grainger mid upper gunner
Anne Kerr

Request 357.    Posted 15 Jun 2006

My father, who is still with us, and now aged 89 years young, served with 977 squadron and I am trying to find out about the Mediterranean Coastal Air Defences, 977 squadron was attached to this unit and Dad went through North Africa, the holy land and then down to the Sicily landings, on in to Italy and ended up in Sorrento, and this is where it stops Dad cannot remember much detail about this Mediterranean coastal air defences, so if anyone has any knowledge of 977 squadron or indeed the Mediterranean coastal air defences I would appreciate any help.


John Curran

Request 356.    Posted 9 Jun 2006

Hello, Im researching the life of Sgt A H Harris who was a pilot with 41 Sqn in 1939, he was KIA on the 18th October 1939, as a passenger on board a Whitley III K8996 DY-   of 102 Sqn which crashed on take off at RAF Catterick, is there anyone out there that knew Him?

Request 355.    Posted 9 Jun 2006

I am looking for information concerning a friend of my mother in laws Lorne Frame, 419 Canadian Bomber Squadron,  82 years old, wondering whatever happened after the war.  Any information would be of great interest. Thank you, yours sincerely Sandra Cox

Request 354.    Posted 9 Jun 2006

I am trying to get more information about RAF Masirah 1951 to 1953 because my dad was out there.  There were 9 or 12 service men F/L tucker nearly shot my dads nose off or summat like that as when they were asked what they wanted they said can of peaches he used shoot them of the shelf  it would be nice to get hold of some photos him with his buddies for a small presentation for plus get him in touch with his old buddies
 many thanks if you can help us
Request 353.    Posted 9 Jun 2006

I would like to make contact with someone who knows the area around where NZ bomber sqns operated from  around  the Cambridge area. especially 75 Sqn and 487 Sqn. I will be in UK from the 15 June - 25 June.  Looking forward to some contacts.  ex Royal New Zealand Air Force 14 Sqn at Tengah 1966.  Cheers.  Thanks. Pete Mason.

my e mail address is

Request 352.    Posted 30 May 2006


My name is Arnaud Gillet. I have written some books about French fighter aviation during Battle of France. I have worked for more then 10 years about British fighter aviation during Battle of France. I have collected everything in Kew RAFM... but now I would like to collect information from veterans. I know it is very difficult.
But is there a special internet site where I could present my problem and asking information to complete my researches... ? I will publish a very big book about that subject soon. I just would to finish my work properly before publication.

Request 351.    Posted 30 May 2006

My name is Christopher Reginald Swinden, my dad met my mother at RAF Wroughton Hospital in about 1946. Dad had been shot in the right leg whilst serving Germany and I believe was only a few army personnel to be treated at this hospital because dad was in the tank regiment. My mother was doing her national service as a nursing aux.

My dad was called Reginald Swinden (from near Huddersfield) and Mother is called Poppy (Cook, from Hull).
Just wondering if there is anybody who knew them or if anyone has any old photos of the hospital.
Chris Swinden

Request 350.    Posted 29 May 2006

I should like to know of anyone who knew Fanstone associated with 320 Squadron. I am doing some research, but at the moment unknown to a relative of Fanstone - I do not want to raise false hopes of finding information.

Paul Kaye (formerly in the Army!)

Request 349.    Posted 28 May 2006

Looking for John "Johnnie" Carr...flew in No. 429 'Bison' Squadron. It was a bomber unit within No. 6 (RCAF) Group of R.A.F. Bomber Command during the Second World War. I have a picture of Johnnie and the crew in front of their plane....would like to find anyone from the Bison Squadron who can possibly identify any of the men..Thankyou, Johnnies' niece from Windsor, Ontario Canada  Dale MacRae-Barry

Request 348.    Posted 28 May 2006

Would any one who has information on the french Canadians who served at Padgate R.A.F. Camp Padgate Warrington Lancashire between 1939 & 1944 please get in touch at the email address attached.

Request 347.    Posted 28 May 2006

W/O Jozef KANA (Kania)

Im looking for any information about Jozef Kana (Kania) or contact to his family. He was born 26. september 1914 in Krupina - (Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, now Slovak Republic). He was RAF pilot (ID 794 087) in polish 303. and 315 Sqs, later No 1. AACU, 587 Sq, 631 Sq.

Request 346.    Posted 20 May 2006

I am seeking any information regarding the US Air Force and it's involvement with RAF Bruntingthorpe between 1959-60.

I am specifically searching for Joseph Kennedy, approximate date of birth 1945, he served as a US airman at Bruntingthorpe between the above dates.

He worked in a clerical position at the base and was a practising catholic.

His unit was 3912 Combat Support Group and SAC 100th Bomb Wing or 19th Tactical Recce Sqn (10th TRW) Thanks Peter

Request 345.    Posted 20 May 2006

I am trying to contact crew (or family of) flying from Snaith in 51 squadron in 1944.

F/Lt RJ Feaver pilot

P/O A Howson, navigator

F/O LE Bachelder bomb aimer

PO WH Stocker wireless operator

F/Sgt EG Millett flight engineer (Eric and wife Mildred?) F/Sgt CM Smith rear gunner My father was Charles (Paddy) Grainger mid upper gunner

Anne Kerr

Request 344.    Posted 20 May 2006

I was wondering if anyone could help me trace my grandfather.

My father's name is David Raymond Jamieson Garmont and he was in the RAF in the 1960's (based in Odiham etc).
His father, Raymond Jose Garment (Garmont) was married to Anneen Logan from Co Antrim, N Ireland and they had 2 children my father born 1944 and his sister Patricia Ann born 1948. He was also in the RAF and we believe that during ww2 in Ceylon (he has a Ceylon badge on his shoulder in one of the photographs) he would have been an aviation photographer. 
Raymond's father John Stanley Garment born 1886 married to Marie Louise DiVignon (1922), was in the Ceylon Air Sea Rescue as a municipal engineer (we know that he applied for employment with the Air Ministry Colonial Office, Ceylon in 1937) and died in Kandy, Sri Lanka. We believe he was previously married to a lady called Margaret M Jess, they were married in 1912 in Chorlton, Lancs. We are not sure if Marie Louise (aka Lisette?) or Margaret was Raymond Jose's mother.
I have come to a bit of a dead end and just cannot trace him anywhere.  My father, his sister and I would be most grateful if anyone could contact us if any of this rings a bell, any information you know could help us fill the gap in the family tree and make our family complete.
I hope this all makes sense!
Kindest regards
Melanie Garmont McFadden
Request 343.    Posted 14 May 2006

Seeking any information on 127 spitfire squadron WW11.

My cousin Arnold Jean Beacke was killed on recce in April 1945. Seek information on him.
Request 342.    Posted 14 May 2006

My name is now Morris Saxby-Taylor.  When I was in the RAF I was known as Morris Hobden.

My number was 4029516.  I was by trade Telegraphist II, Service time   Jan 1948  august 1954
I served at Bletchley  Gloucest and Hong Kong plus several short posting to other camps.
I finished up as Substantive Corporal acting Sergeant.
I would like anybody who knew me in those days to contact me
Telephone number  020 7078 4345
Morris SaxbyTaylor.
Request 341.    Posted 11 May 2006

I was in Nairobi in 1967 when Flight Lieutenant Harry Nightingale flew in to the airport there from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a Hercules aircraft.  Does anyone know of his whereabouts.

 I would be very grateful for any information as to how I could contact him to renew our friendship.

 Barbara Mort 

Request 340.    Posted 6 May 2006

My Father (Albert Clegg Astley) served in the RAF during WW2 From 1939- 1945 he was in the middle east  for a time then in Italy I remember him saying for a time he was billeted with the well known comedien Alfie Marks. If anyone has a father or grandfather who served with my dad well known as Bert I would love to hear from them.

Request 339.    Posted 6 May 2006

Congratulations for your very interesting and detailed site, and your "help needed" section. I never realised so many others would also be searching for info and photos of their elderly or long dead relatives. I have been trying to find a photo of my father for many years and would be grateful if anyone can help. I only have a group photo of his first squadron, no. 104, dated 1918.

He was Flight Lieutenant Michael Joseph Ducray, born in 1893 in South Africa, and he served in the RFC 1917-1919 and the RAF from 1924-1937 and 1939-1945. He was a flying instructor for most of his career. He served in squadrons 104 (1918), 24 (1924), 207 (1924-1930), 84 (Iraq 1930), 55 (Iraq, very briefly in 1930 or 1931), 26 (1932-1937),  98 (Iceland 1940), and various Air and Gunnery Schools (Penrhos, Barrow, West Freugh, Radio School Cranwell, 1941-1943), and no. 227 Group, Training (Lahore, Begumpat and Jodhpur, India, 1944). He also attended courses at no. 2 Flying Training School (Kenley near Croydon, 1924) and Central Flying School 1925, among others. He was shot down in July 1918 near Pirmasens in Germany with Lt. Nigel Wilding who was killed. He was taken POW to Ludwigshafen, then probably Darmstadt, and repatriated to Prince of Wales hospital, London in Nov 1918. He resigned his commission in Jan 1945 and died in London in Feb. 1952. 
If anyone has any information about him, or photos, I would be very grateful.
Many thanks

Request 338.    Posted 6 May 2006

I am trying to get some details on father Maurice Gulson, Australian who served in 283 Sqn in 1943 as an Observer in the Wellington aircraft. If anyone can give me more details or put me in touch with someone who can I would greatly appreciate it.

Adam Scott Longworth Gulson

Request 337.    Posted 6 May 2006

My name is Stephanie Dinnell and I am looking for anyone who may have served, or who's family members may have served in the RCAF Squadron 427 in Leeming, York with my father Flight Lt. John (Smokey) Hooper (born in Battleford, Saskatchewan 1922). Also anyone who may have known my Mother, Mary Olive Hooper (nee Benson) of Bedale, England.

My father met (and married) my Mother who's parents owned the Wagon & Horses Pub in Bedale.
My father passed away Feb 1, 2004 and I have recently come across an old photo album of his with many pictures of himself and friends in the squadron. He has written names with most of the photo's but unfortunately only first names and I would love to find some of these men and/or their families to exchange photo's and any stories etc from this time.
Please contact me at: or by phone at (250) 286-4694 Campbell River, BC, Canada
Many thanks for the great website!
Stephanie Dinnell

Request 336.    Posted 22 April 2006

My uncle Dorian Keen was a member of 221 squadron.  He trained in Iceland and Rhodesia and was killed in action in March 1944. He is buried in Catania War Cemetery in Sicily.  I have several 'photos  -  some in Iceland, some in Bulawayo in Rhodesia and many of the squadron units  -  these have been signed by the men themselves. A few examples are R.Simpson, Brian Hicks, G. Hewitt, S.Cheek, D.Crawford to name but a few. I would love to hear from anyone with any connections. Many thanks  Sue Camm

Request 335.    Posted 14 April 2006

I ma trying to find out more history about William and Lucy Brumpton, whose family were tragically killed on August 16, 1941, at London Road, Balderton.  Anyone know more?

Request 334.    Posted 13 April 2006

I am researching US Military Hospitals in the UK, France and Belgium from 1942 to 1946.  They were numbered General Hospitals and Station Hospitals - there were about 200 in all.  I'd like to contact anyone that has information, photos, plans or recollections of these and the sites they occupied.  Does anyone have photos of the RMH Cowglen in Glasgow which was a British hospital post-war?

Request 333.    Posted 13 April 2006

On behalf of my uncle, I am seeking any information on, 109 MU Palestine 1947. If there is any literature about this period in Palestine. In particular to make contact with Ron Double, a friend of Dennis Gilling during their time with the RAF in Palestine.


Yours Truly Christine Osborne.

Request 332.    Posted 13 April 2006

I would like to contact anybody who has knowledge of the Miskins Hanger which was erected in Shenfield, Essex in 1937 and has only been demolished in the last few years.  It may be of interest to add that the hanger is shown on the pre war Luftwaffe photos, of the nearby Brentwood Cable and Wireless Station, by a white cross. I have tried to find a SOE connection, 49 Flight was at North Weald and Stapleford

The only service connection I can confirm is Air Defence Cadet Corps and then ATC briefly gliding there, but nothing in RAF Cadet records

Thank you

Request 331.     Posted 8 April 2006

I am looking for information about the Glider Pilot Regiment (Army). My father Denis James Ware was a Glider Pilot during WW11 - stationed at some time in Wiltshire (both my brothers and I were born in Trowbridge - 1944, 1945 and 1946) living at Steeple Ashton before returning to London.

I have a photo of my father in uniform, dated about 1939 when he would have been about 20 and I would love to know more about those he fought during the war with.


Marian Stead

Request 330   Posted 21 March 2006

I am the second son of W/O Thomas Dalziel TAYLOR (deceased), he served with 211 Squadron RAF in India & Burma during 1944/5/6 flying Beaufighters and Mosquitos.
His Co-Pilot was F/Sgt Vic Broome. I am trying to find out if he (Vic) is still alive and if so where is he?
There is some suggestion that in the 1980's he may have been living in South Africa (unconfirmed).
From my fathers flight log he and Vic spent a great many hours together and now that my father has passed away, I am very interested in finding out what has become of his "buddy".

Request 329. Posted 19 March 2006

Please can you help me...I am trying to find anyone who was at RAF West Drayton in 1957/58  and what I really need to know is what American air force squadrons were there..  I am trying to trace my birth father, my mother worked as a civilian at West Drayton and had a fling with an American air force pilot, I don't have much else to go on apart from a possible name of Carman or Raymond Brown
Please can you help at all with any info or put me in touch with anyone who was there at the time, in the hope that they may know my mother or father
thank you very much
Hazel Reitz

Request 328   Posted 27 February 2006

I am trying to contact Flt. Lt Densham (currently aged 29), who did/does serve in the RAF volunteer reserves.

If anyone has any information please email me at

Request 327   Posted 9 March 2006

I'm looking for information regarding a spitfire (pilot details, squadron codes etc.) which crashed near the village of Cowie near Stirling in Central Scotland 1940-1941 in which the pilot was unfortunately killed.
If anyone can point me in the right direction where I could find such information I would be very grateful.
Kind regards, Arthur Martin.

Request 326.       Posted 27 February 2006

Would like to contact Cpl. Brian Atkinson. Last contact was at R.A.F Binbrook late 1960's . He was in the MT section. Anyone give me any information Please.

Chris Burkitt

Request 325.       Posted 27 February 2006

I am looking for information regarding the crash of 199 Squadron Stirling EF 504 on the night of Jan.28-29 1944. I wish to build a replica of that aircraft and having found its individual letter code (EX-P), I would like to know whether or not it had any nose art. Any help would be greatly appreciate. My father's best friend was the bomb aimer on board and died in that crash. Thank you. 

Request 324.       Posted 26 February 2006

Re: Flt Lt Bernard Mooney 236 and 252 Sqdns

I wish to contact anybody who may have flown with or knew my late Uncle Flt Lt Mooney who flew with both 236 and 252 Squadrons. I am trying to put together as much information as possible together in relation to his wartime experiences and would appreciate any contacts, stories, reminiscences. Please contact me at the following e.mail address:

Request 323.       Posted 21 February 2006

I am trying to gather information on a person by the name of Edward Hiscock who was stationed in Singapore in 1946 with the RAF. He was good mates with a chap called Dick Shepard who went on to become a Religious Minister.

Hiscocks last known address was 53 Goddington Lane, Orpington, Kent, England.

I am also trying to ascertain if a William Bell from Scotland was in Singapore at the same time. He may well have been in the Army and I will try see if they have such an excellent website as yours. Bell was sent back to Glasgow on compassionate leave, but never returned to Singapore.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Glyn Hezakiah

Request 322.        Posted 19 February 2006

I am anxious to find any information regarding F/Sgt Stanley Albert Pimm, No 1625985, RAFVR.

Together with all his crew, he was killed when Lancaster PB911 of 635 Squadron crashed at Swayfield, Rutland on March 30th 1945.
His father gave me Stanley's medals for safe keeping but I cannot obtain his service record as I am not a blood relative.
I have been helped by 635 Association and by adverts in Flypast and local newspapers but have yet to find anyone who actually knew him at his last station, RAF Downham Market.
I am in the process of placing a memorial tablet in Swayfield Church and at the actual crash site.
If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.
What an excellent site, I only wish I had started using the internet sooner when more old comrades would have been alive!

Request 321.        Posted 19 February 2006

WAGHORN, Peter, Sgt pilot on Hurricanes. Believed with 46 squadron late 1940/early '41. Looking for any information.

WAGHORN, Bryan, Sgt pilot on Spitfires with 129 squadron Westhampnett Oct 1941. KIA 28.10.41 Any information prior to this date please.
Ian Pursey
Request 320.       Posted 19 February 2006

I am seeking information regarding Chris Neale. He was probably a Flight Lieutenant  in the RAF back in 1974/75 during an winter exercise in Norway.

Request 319.       Posted 8 February 2006

Frank Homer James. Seeking info re this RAF fighter pilot who served on 43, 124,229 and 616 Sqns in the 1940's. I have his official Record of Service but looking for anyone who remembers him or who has any personal info.

John Crawshaw

Request 318.       Posted 8 February 2006

Any info re BAMRAULI, ALLAHABAD please.  ie location and any memories. Anyone remember WILFRED SPICER ?, No 308 Air Support Unit.  I'm also looking for an address of the British Military Hospital in Allahabad as it was called in 1943.

Request 317.       Posted 8 February 2006

Removed as it was duplicated with Request 300

Request 316.       Posted 8 February 2006

I'm trying to track down a copy of an article written by my father, Squadon Leader D C Gordon, RAF, that was published in the 1962 edition of the Royal Canadian Air Force College Journal. The article is this volume was reprinted from the Bracknell RAF Staff College Journal, 'The Hawk'. It was also published in the equivalent USAAF Journal. I would like to obtain copies or the relevant journals if that's at all possible.

Request 315.       Posted 4 February 2006

266 Squadron - help needed please. I served with 266 Sqdn from 1960 - 1962 (when it was finally disbanded) at RAF Rattlesden - our 'parent' station being RAF Wattisham.

I am putting together a history of the squadron and would like to hear from any ex-members from when it was formed during the Second World War. Any help would be gratefully received.

Fred Woodhouse. Ex-SAC 266 Squadron.

Request 314.       Posted 4 February 2006


       I am trying to collect a photo of every Range Rover Truck Airfield Crash Rescue ( T.A.C.R.2/2a )
       that served with the R.A.F.  I need a lot of the early ones 30 AG 92 to 31 AG 41.If anybody can
       help me with any photos I will gladly pay the cost.

Request 313.       Posted 4 February 2006

Looking for anyone who new  657662 W/O FF O/Hanlon pilot of Lancaster ED878 based at Elsham Wolds 1943 also Sgt Hamilton 1368785 airgunner who with the rest of their crew were shot down in the sea  returning from Hamburg, non of the crew survived I have fortunate enough to contact friends of the other four members of the crew . any news for these two men would complete my research. then I intend to send it ti the memorial hall in Elsham Wolds

John Grice

John - The following message has been received, could you contact me with a new e-mail address, please.


Request 312   Posted 4 February 2006

I am seeking information about 50 Squadron R.A.F. flying Hampdens out of Skellingthorpe, Sept '41 to March '42.

Also seeking information on 97 Squadron R.A.F. from November '43 to September'43.
In addition I am seeking information on Stalag Luft III circa  November '43 to end of hostilities.  I am following the experiences of my father Walter H. Layne and seek and have information and pictures to share.

Request 311   Posted 28 January 2006

I would like to contact any one who knew or knew of, Muriel Joan Dormer/Geimsa of 16 MU, RAF Stafford around 1948, especially any one who knows what happened to the medals she lent to another WAAF.

also, any one who knew her at Mount Farm, Benson and Weston-on-the-Green.  Also of interest would be Gisela Naars, aka Betty Harmsworth, also of RAF Stafford.
William Dormer Henderson

Request 310   Posted 28 January 2006

I don't know if you can help me to find any information re; my late fathers service in the RAF.  He joined in 10-09-1919 at Henlow  He served in India Iraq, Palestine and Egypt.  He was a driver and finished as a LAC until his transfer to the RAF reserve in 1924.I am hoping to find any old photos of any of the areas he served in, or snippets of info relating to these places at the time.  My father did have photos when he was alive, but unfortunately destroyed them just before his death.

Kind regards Eric Plummer

Request 309   Posted 28 January 2006

My Father John Mathieu was in he county of 607 Durham squadron and served in Burma during the later stages of the war. Could anyone assist in finding old comrades?


Clive Mathieu.

Request 308   Posted 22 January 2006

I would like to make contact with anyone who served in the RAF at Kumalo S Rhodesia between 1943 and 1946 I was in the equipment section   LAC BLAKE

Photo of Cyril Blake

Request 307   Posted 22 January 2006

Hello, any information at all on 50 Sqn Lancasters/Personnel...RAF Skellingthorpe..any information gratefully recieved, this is for research into a friends father who was a Wireless OP/Air gunner...Many thanks..Paul

Request 306   Posted 22 January 2006

Seeking information regarding:  F/O C.W. Carroll, 628 Squadron, 6 Bomber Group.

Would also appreciate information regarding:
Flight Logs, Operational Diaries, Histories (Squadron Group), Memoirs, Applicable Published Materials (official, private, public).

Would also like to correspond with anyone with information regarding the foregoing.

Many thanks.    George Mustakas

Request 305   Posted 22 January 2006

I am wondering if you can possibly help me trace a Geoffrey Nicholson , who was stationed at RAF Euterson in 1949, We believe he was a Driver and came from the Leeds area and may have moved to Canada.  I know this is a long shot, but I have tried every other avenue that I can find.  If you can help I would be most appreciative. The likelihood of finding Geoffrey Nicholson will be very slight as he would be in his 80s now.

Thank you

Denise Fitzpatrick

Request 304   Posted 20 January 2006

I am trying to trace relatives of Flying Officer Peter Rutherford Duff.  210 Squardron, killed 24th August 1943.  Peter Duff was born in Cornwall but his family emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in the 1920's. 

Many thanks

Request 303   Posted 15 January 2006

I am trying to find anyone who knew Corporal Irene Scarrott, she started off nurse training at RAF Sidmouth and then went onto St Athens, Wales for further training, she eventually went on the SS Amsterdam in 1946 to Singapore, Irene is my aunt and she would love to hear from anyone who remembers her. Please contact me at

Request 302   Posted 4 January 2006

I am trying to do some research on the postal markings/cachets used on the Kings Flight and in particular on the 1947 tour to S Africa and Southern Rhodesia . I would also be interested to receive any similar details on the Queens Flight. Any photocopies or original material would be greatly appreciated.

 Colin Marshall

Request 301   Posted 4 January 2006

My Request is for any information regarding  no .2 reception unit RA F Cardington used for National Service especially any photographs and personal stories  of the locality . The site is now going to be housing and will be lost forever . I am involved in helping compile  an Eastcotts Parish web site and the RAF camp is the hub of the villages of Shortstown and Cardington . I have a vested interest in forever keeping alive the history of Cardington  due to the sudden loss of  a  number  of  friends . , please forward any information  to JOHN HOLLAND  AT 

Request 300   Posted 4 January 2006

I am trying find any information or photographs of RAF Fayid Hospital.   (Family History Research) around 1955. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Stuart Webber

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