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Bomber Command Losses

Frank Haslam has sent the following message, which should be of interest to anyone interested in Bomber Command losses of WW2.

1. RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, W R Chorley in nine volumes is probably a familiar reference source.

I have worked with Bill to produce a website on which:

  • all the published updates have been consolidated.
  • updates for the whole series that have come in since the last book (Vol 9 Roll of Honour) are being continually added
  • as users of the books realise that their reviewed contributions can be made public it is expected yet more updates will be generated
  • email notification of further changes is offered

This single-source resource, being a website, enables worldwide access via the Internet. Its aims are approved by the series publisher, Ian Allan Publishing.   

The series includes WO208 references for evaders (and camp/prisoner numbers for POWs) so if any of you use the books and have spotted errors/omissions, please do contact Bill/me via the email link on the website.

It is at

2. As you may know there is now some serious activity in the UK to create a national memorial to Bomber Command. To keep up to date on this I have made a web page:


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