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Air Commodore T R B Pierce (40847)

Thomas Robert Brookes                       b: 14 Sep 1919            r: 3 Oct 1970   d: 24 Feb 2010

CBE - 1 Jan 1964.

Act Plt Off (P): 4 Jun 1938 [4 Apr 1938?], Plt Off: 4 Apr 1939, Fg Off (WS): 3 Sep 1940, Flt Lt (WS): 3 Sep 1941, Act Sqn Ldr: xx xxx 1943, (T) Sqn Ldr: xx xxx xxxx (adjusted to 19 Jul 1944 on 12 Oct 1948), Act Wg Cdr: 8 May 1943?, Sqn Ldr (WS): 8 Nov 1943, Sqn Ldr: 1 Aug 1947, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1953, Act Gp Capt: 19 Nov 1959, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1960, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1966.

 4 Apr 1938                 Attended No 1 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School

 4 Jun 1938:                 Granted a Short Service Commission.

xx xxx xxxx:                  U/T Pilot, No ? FTS

14 Jan 1939:                 Attended School of Army Co-operation.

xx xxx xxxx:                  Pilot, No 4 Sqn

xx xxx xxxx:                  Flight Commander, No 28 Sqn.

xx Mar1943:                Officer Commanding, No 28 Sqn

xx Aug 1943:                Officer Commanding, No 171 Wing

16 Nov 1943:               Air Staff, Air Command, South-East Asia.



19 Nov 1959:               Staff Officer, Department of the CAS.

 1 Jun 1961:                 Officer Commanding, RAF Tengah.

20 Jul 1964:                 Staff Officer, Ministry of Aviation.

2 Oct 1967:                  SASO/Chief of Staff, HQ Far East Air Force.

Born in Liverpool he became part of the Air Component, BEF when his unit, No 4 Squadron, moved to France in late 1939.  Following the destruction of hi aircraft by enemy action he was forced to join the evacuation from Dunkirk, spending five days on the beaches.

In India he converted to the Hurricane and carried out armed reconnaissance sorties against the Japanese as they made their way through Burma, eventually being forced to lead his flight to China, each pilot sitting on a mechanic’s knee.  They continued operations from China being escorted by the P-40’ of the American Volunteer Group, ‘The Flying Tigers’.

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